Inspired by Sunshine

When: 07/22/2017

QIC: Devito

PAX (): El Matador, Boomer, Bushwhack (FNG Welcome), Sleeper, Smackdown, Padre, Sunshine, Special K, Devito

  1. A few weeks ago, Sunshine posted a Men’s Health article on Twitter showing a bunch of devilishly painful looking exercises to be done in the woods. My immediate thought as I looked through the diagram was “I see a Widowmaker BD in the making here”. Here’s how things went down


El Matador posted to my pre-run Twitter call. We met in the circle at 6:15 and got a 3.5 run at about a 9:30/mile pace.


Mosey around to the top lot and start with disclaimer. Welcome to FNG Bushwhack (Ralph). IC SSH, cottonpickers and hill billies. Mosey back down to the soccer field for Jumping Jack Burpee Flash. 5-1 SSH to burpee ratio done on opposite sidelines. 5 rounds OYO up to 25 SSH and 5 burpees. Plank for the 6.

The Thang

Mosey over to the hill. I set a marker about 40 yards down from the top. ¬†Elevens starting with 10 derkins at the marker and 1 V-up at the top. Instead of running up the hill, we crab walked up (arms in the lead). ¬†After 5 trips up the hill I called an audible to switch from crab walk to lunge. El Matador led some Mary for the 6. From there we moseyed through the parking to the trail and around to the bathroom building overlooking the soccer field. We circled up into right arm / right leg plank. After about 30 sec we switched to left arm / left leg plank. 3 rounds of this. It was pretty hot and humid out, and sweat was pouring, so I told PAX to peel off during this time to grab a drink from the water fountain. Next up we did IC flutter kicks and leg raises with bouncing feet left/right/center in between (don’t drop heels to the ground the whole time).

Back to the MH article exercises, we all found a place on the wall and assumed a wall sit. On my call, lift right leg in the air and hold. Then left leg. 3 rounds each leg holding for a 15-20 count each. Follow this with a balls to the wall where Sleeper took the T-claps. Mosey around to the rock pile for a mid-size coupon. 25 reps OYO of each curls, skull crushers and squats. 2nd round at 20 reps each. Finish with slow count negative curls and crushers, 10 each. Time was short so back to the flag for Mary. IC obliques, LBC’s, American hammer and Freddy mercury.

COT / Moleskin

Continued prayers for recovery for Nacho and DC2.

Big Alpha welcome to FNG Bushwhack, AKA Ralph.

July and August will likely see quite high heat and humidity for the 7AM, sun-in-the-sky beatdowns at Widowmaker. Don’t want anyone falling prey to the heat during the workouts, so we will start incorporating water breaks mid way through as we did today. Bring water with you. I’ll try to let everyone know prior to start (remind me) whether we’ll around the field at mid-point (set water out by the cars for a quick grab) or we’ll hit a water fountain point.

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