Inspired by Sunshine

A few weeks ago, Sunshine posted a Men’s Health article on Twitter showing a bunch of devilishly painful looking exercises to be done in the woods. My immediate thought as I looked through the diagram was “I see a Widowmaker BD in the making here”. Here’s how things went down …

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The Westside of Jericho

Warm up:
• Windmill
• Cotton Pickers

In Cadence Exercise:
Walls of Jericho –

Starting at the back of the school we preformed 7 rounds of:

  • 7 reps each of:
  1. Donkey Kicks
  2. Merkins
  3. Plank Jacks
  4. Big Boy Situps
  5. Squats
  6. Imperial Walkers (both legs counts as 1)
  7. SSH
  • Followed by a run around the ENTIRE SCHOOL

The two fastest HIMs for this iteration were Homeboy and Shakira finishing over a lap ahead of the 6. They performed air chairs and planks in the shade waiting on the 6. Once the 6 was in we had a quick Kodiak 10 count and then moseyed to the side of the school out of direct sunlight. With well over 15 minutes left we had plenty of time to beat down our core a little.

PAX chose a spot on the concrete or in the grass and performed a descending pyramid OYO. PAX performed 21 merkins, 21 LBCs, 20 merkins, 20 LBCs…and so on until we either reached 0 or ran out of time. After muscle fatigue and many threats of mutiny we moseyed back to the flag for the finish.


Prayers for a safe 3rd F event as some of the PAX were going to canoe down Etowah River after the beatdown.

Prayers for our families to have a safe weekend and for everyone to return for the beatdown on Monday morning

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