Little Ditty about Jack and Lt Dan

When: 07/19/2017

QIC: Cricket

PAX (): Babyface, Aquaman, (FNG) Dori, Law Dawg, The Mole, Hasbro, Natty light, Shakira, Cricket, Egon, Hombre, Homeboy, Banjo, Westside, The Mule

Another good morning leading the beatdown for the men of The Kodiak.  You have to come well prepared for these PAX as they quickly make their way through anything you throw at them.



15 Windmill IC

10 Imperial Squawker IC


Route 66 – We started off the morning with a run around the back of the school with exercises at each street light.  We alternated between 10 hand-release T-merkins (great for full range of motion) and 10 monkey humpers. The monkey humpers were a real crowd please and the mumble chatter started. Al Gore for the 6.

Bear Crawl Inchworm – Instead of just a boring mosey to our next destination, YHC tried to spice things up.  The PAX assumed a single file line in the plank position, and the PAX at the back of the line bear crawled to the front.  YHC learned that with 15 PAX, we should have had 2 lines.  Too much time was spent in the plank, not enough crawling, mumble chatter only increased.

11s – We then head to the back of the school for 11s on the hill using Parker Peters and Crab Cakes.  This was an effective mumble chatter killer.

Little Ditty about Jack and Lt Dan – YHC decided to combo Jack Webb and Lt Dan for a good full body exercise.  We started at 1/4 ratio and went to 7/28.  One thing YHC learned here is that with the inclusion of Lt Dan, it gave just enough of a break that the shoulder presses didn’t hurt quite like normal.

Ring of Fire – We hit the shovel flag with a moment to spare, so stayed on the musician theme and knocked out one quick round of Ring on Fire with 10 Merkins/PAX.



  • Camel Hump is coming up Labor Day weekend, see Babyface for details
  • We had a good turnout after the beatdown for a 3rd F on Jonah chapter 3.  Lots of good conversation and talk about how to keep it going once the school year starts.

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