Summer School

When: 07/20/2017

QIC: Clyde

PAX (): Reuben, Swiper, Hero, Body, Darth, Skynyrd, (FNG) Howser, Flash, Clyde

71 degrees, 95% humidity and as clear of a morning as there could be, was the situation for the Big Creek beat down this morning.   YHC has been thinking over the past few weeks.  Man, I have been doing this whole F3 thing for a year now.  I know i feel stronger, but only if there was a way to prove it……. Lo and behold there is.  Thanks to Cracks guest Q back on September where he led us in PT test.  I thought what better time than now to see where I stand and give a few of our new guys at Big Creek a baseline for themselves.

Pretty simple really, wait til 5:30, then mosey.

Stop half way to the track for some quick warm-ups:
SSH X 15
Hillbillies X 15
AAK X 10 each leg

Mosey to the track and partner up.

Merkins – 2 min Amrap
Big Boy sit-up – 2 min Amrap
2 mile run

Lots of mumble chatter about merkin quality, or lack thereof.

There was a little controversy on the 2 mile run.  With Reuben using YHC’s draft the first 7 laps only to blow me away on #8.  Good work by all.  FNG Howser was a great addition finishing up the run strong, and Lynyrd admitted that was the longest he had he had run in 20 years. Looking forward to seeing him out at Fire Swamp very soon. Speaking of Fire Swamp, it looked like those Monday runs have been paying off as Hero and Skynyrd pushed all the way to a photo finish.

Darth….. was not as happy with the run.

Running short on time we mosey straight to the flag.


  • Reuben has one Last Q before he is quarantined for 2 weeks.  Everyone feel free to come out.
  • Continued growth

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