Cooler after the Rain

When: 07/17/2017

QIC: Ha-ha

PAX (): Hero, Swiper, Clyde, Ha-ha

4 PAX showed up this morning for a run at the Fire Swamp. It was surprisingly cooler after a later night thunderstorm wet everything down.  We chose the southern route this morning to avoid the larger puddles headed north.  But that didn’t keep Swiper from running right into the first puddle we can to and wetting his shoes.  Hero is making some nice progress and hung with the rest of the group before he turned back at 2 miles.  The rest of the group ran on to the 30 minute turn around which put us almost at 3 miles at the turn.

Great to start the week at the creek (see what I did there?).  Move into the rest of your week serving others.

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