Bearmuda vacation

When: 07/12/17

QIC: the Body

PAX (): Swiper guessing the ten- the Body, Darth Visor, Clyde, Flash, Dash, FNG Swampy, Skynrd, Skillett, FNG Hacksaw, Hardball. someone confirm how close I got! Apologies to any posters that I didn't credit and any fartsackers that I did list owe us a post on Tuesday!

FNG’s are coming out of the woodworks over here, Ten on Tuesday tradition continued!

The temps this morning were mild and comfortable, but things heated up quickly. Let’s mosey on down to the crossroads for the disclaimer and get started.


Warm-up  x15



Sun Gods Forward

Sun Gods Backwards


Picked up three coupon markers as we mosey pass the pile towards the fields.

The Thang:

BEAR-muda Triangle

  • Burpee at each marker and bear crawl to the next marker.
  • Increasing by one at each marker until we reach nine Burpees.


Dips and Step Ups  x10



  • Duck Walk 10 yards, 5 MERKS, Crawlbear back
  • Duck Walk 20 yards, 10 MERKS, Crawlbear back
  • Short Mosey to other side of the field
  • Duck Walk 30 yards, 15 MERKS, Crawlbear back
  • Duck Walk 40 yards, 20 MERKS, Crawlbear back


Mosey back to the crossroads for Colt 45 (squats)

15 half down squats

15 half up squats

15 full squats


Indian run back to the flag with five minutes to spare.


10 PAX is a great number for a round of Howling Monkeys before MARYS


We rounded the Thang out with


Dying cockroach


V-sit and stretch

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