Winter is Coming…

When: 07/14/2017

QIC: Ha-ha

PAX (): Def Con 2, C4, Peanut, Hickory Stick, Devito, TO, Ha-ha and a Crack fly by

Well, not soon but that is what they keep saying in that show about thrones.  No winter or thrones this morning but 7 PAX did arrive at 5:30 to serve the King the DRP.

YHC ALMOST missed posting this morning after the alarm clock was not set.  Waking up late and making a bee line out the door I arrived at Hoppy Like with 2 minutes to spare.  A quick route summary and we were off.

Keeping with our new theme of out and back runs so the different pace groups finish at the same time, we headed out Academy St., left on Westside Parkway and turn around at 5:52 to arrive back at 6:15.  This route gives us a flying start down hill and a climb back up to finish at Mugs. Since we got the nod that we were granted entry into the Blue Ridge Relay yesterday, the hills seem appropriate.

After we made the turn around we got a fly by from Crack who must have started late.


  • DC2 on his western adventure starting tomorrow
  • Nacho’s recovery


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