Sprints and Army Crawls

When: 07/13/2017

QIC: Miller Time

PAX (): NoSeeUm (Visiting from Tampa (see F3Lutz)), Crack, Mufasa, Dosido, Cookie, T.O., Foghorn, Devito, Zima, Radar, Special K, Turbine, Jackelope, Bayside, Bookworm, Legos, Miller Time, Peanut, Swingline, Guppy, Lumberg, HaHA, FNG Mark C. (To be named later after he completes a full workout)

22 Pax rallied for a steamy Thursday morning beat down.  It was especially fun for YHC having an old buddy and Rubicon alumni (Noseeum) in attendance.

After a mosey the long way to the lighted lot adjacent Horse Field, we did a few normal warmups (SSH, Cotton Picker) and a new one YHC had in mind – a 6 count exercise starting with a deep squat, pushing the knees out and holding for 3 more seconds with a return to standing position.  As with anything new, there is always a chance it sucks.  This one is probably on the cut line; we’ll see.   Next was the Circle Burp X 2 including High knees on the first lap and run in place for the second (44 Burpees and 1st grade rhyming practice – down, clown, brown, frown, etc.)

A quick mosey to the pull up playground, Three groups rotated between 5 pullups, 10 Mercans, 15 Donkey kicks x 5 cycles.  Mosey to the “unlit” FOD where we partnered up for wheelbarrow’s, lunges and bear crawls around the bases x 2 laps.

Next we lined up on the third base line for an in unison run towards the fence until YHC called drop for a low as you can go army crawl to the fence and sprint back to third base line.  Repeat with backwards run and army crawl.

Double line Indian run around the perimeter and then mosey to the flag lot where some Mufasa / Devito sprint banter caused YHC to call a Sprint race from one end to the other.  Cookie won his heat and Peanut won his (smart of Peanut to get in opposite heat of Cookie!)

Finally some MARY with 1 minute elbow plank hold, 45 second elbow plank hold with right leg up, 45 seconds with left leg up, Dolly and a few more called by NoSeeUm, Radar and Special K.


  • Prayers for Nacho to make it back soon from being sidelined
  • Prayers for Moonshine to have a good prognosis on his hand
  • Prayer’s for YHC’s friend David’s family after he took his own life on Monday


  • A Crack sponsored FNG showed up with 10 minutes left in the workout so it was decided to table his naming until he get a full beat down and proper disclaimer. We look forward to it.
  • The army crawl took on many forms today from people walking to high butts to our veterans reliving their PT glory days in a very animated way.
  • Great attendance today – a real pleasure to lead!

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