1 Year at the Creek…. Big Creek

When: 07/13/2017

QIC: Clyde

PAX (): Darth Visor, Flash, Dash, Hard Ball, Skillet, Swampy, Reuben, The Body, Skynyrd, Clyde

It was an honor for YHC to Q on the first anniversary of the Big Creek AO.  It didn’t take long to decide on the beat down a quick look back into the archives found a more than suitable choice.  A complete replay of Hickory Sticks inaugural beat down.  YHC missed this one and for reasons I can’t remember was an FNG at the second Big Creek meeting along with fellow Tues Q Reuben.  Darth Visor and The Body were there however, and represented the only 2 originals today.

A few fashion notes.  Fortunately Swampy got my memo last night and found his $7 Hulk shirt in the closet.  The rest of the pack was content with a standard blue.

A great PAX of 9 today heads off into the gloom and mosey to center of Big field for warm-up.

SSH X 17
Cotton Mill X 15
Mountain Climbers X 15

Now mosey to the start/finish marker of the track around the large field.

Lap 1
At every artwork on the track 10 merkins (90 total) at every pathway intersection 15 squats (105 total)

Just as we finish up lap 1 at the butterfly paintings.  We run into Skillet, who hasn’t quite got his timing down on his 2nd post

Lap 2
At every artwork on the track 10 Carolina dry docks (90 total) at every pathway intersection 15 monkey humpers (105 total)

Mosey to covered picnic table area for Step ups, Derkins, and Dips.
2 in cadence step ups, 1 Derkin, 1 Dip.
4 in cadence step ups, 2 Derkins, 2 Dips.
6 in cadence step ups, 3 Derkins, 3 Dips.
8 in cadence step ups, 4 Derkins, 4 Dips.

14 in cadence step ups, 7 Derkins, 7 Dips

Mosey to the sundial to partner up and knock out some Dora

100 Flutter kicks (2 count)
200 Rosalita
300 LBC

Indian run back to the Flag for a short Mary:

Freddie Mercury X 15


Strong work put in today by the entire PAX.  Great to see a lot of recent FNG’s return to the gloom.

Prayers for Reuben and his pending treatment.  I dare you to meet a nicer guy than the Rueb!  Also, for work stress and tough decisions for The Body

Hope to see everyone tonight at the 2nd F at Cheeky in Cumming.

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