The Camel Hump

When: 09/02/2017

QIC: Babyface

PAX (): All That are Willing and down for some CSAUP

The Camel Hump CSAUP


T-Shirt Sign:


Where: John’s Creek (The Hooch) to Alpharetta (The Rubicon) via Webb Bridge (Widow Maker)

When: 9/2/17 6am kick off

Why: to challenge ourselves & help those who have thanklessly served our country

What: CSAUP ruck & beatdown combos

What B (the details): start with a 30 minute beatdown @ Hooch followed by a ruck to the Widow Maker.  At the Widow Maker another 30 minute beatdown followed by a ruck to the Rubicon. Finish with a final 30 minute beatdown.


$20 (anything given over that will be a direct donation) $20 will be used for waters/aid/food post race. All extra money will be directly donated to Hire Hero’s USA.   If you want to buy a shirt you do so on your own.  Shirt designs will be up shortly.

How: 3 ways to participate:

Option a: full participant- the men who are going to be apart of the action. It’s your choice how much or how little you participate in. Some or all, only the beatdowns, only a beatdown (the 1st or last) or the whole Sha-BANG!

Option b: support staff- if you don’t feel like you want to do the CSAUP but still want to be apart of the fun & help, we can still use you. Help includes water stations @ AOs & any pax assistance. We will also need a sweeper to ensure no man left behind.  M’s are more than welcome to be apart of the support team.

Option c: AO Q’s- we will need 3 Strong Alphas to lead the Q’s.  You can be one of the men in the fray or just Q the workout, it is up to you.

3rd Fs:

Friday: meet up with out of towners @ Jekyl 6:30-8:30 pm

Saturday: cookout @ Rubicon w/ out of towners, vets/members of Hire Heroes USA.

Day of information:

(Things may get added as we approach labor day so check back.  I will try to send out if as it changes but you should still check here just in case.)

  • You are responsible for your own water/nutrition until we are done at the Rubicon. You need to bring water in your ruck, if you don’t have any you will have a problem
  • Ruck weight: if you are 150 pounds or over = 30#; if under 150 = 20#; same as a Goruck
  • The plan right now is to meet at the Rubicon then carpool to the Hooch as much as possible, it will make the end much easier.
  • It’s dark at 6am, so have reflective gear and lights.
  • Map:

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