Need to Breathe…on the playlist and hard to do this a.m.

When: 07/10/2017

QIC: Flo

PAX (): Crack, Piggy, Simba, the Dab, and Saint2O (FNG)

Great to be back #thehooch for a round robin of stuff while someone else did some other stuff.  We would rotate around until you have done all of the stuffs a couple of times.  Good times.  Still had a smaller than normal vacation crowd, but 6 of us enjoyed the gloom.  Crack played some NeedtoBreathe for our soundtrack and by the end of the #beatdown we were all breathing pretty heavily.

The Thang:

Mosey around the lot, walking lunges, disclaimer for our FNG and back to the area for some Squats, SSHs, and Imperial Squawkers- All IC

Over to the area where YHC had some toys laid out in stations.  One PAX was doing Bear/Crawl Bear suicides while the others were assigned stations.  Once the bear crawling PAX was done, we would rotate the stations, and someone else was the bear.  This was the stuff I alluded to above and consisted of Squat/curl/presses, sandbag shouldering, ball slams, shoulder presses, american hammers, pop squats, mike tysons, reverse flys.  2 rounds to start…a break in the middle for curb walk merkins…then 2 more rounds of stuff.

The curb walk merkins are a fan favorite where we line up on a curb, quick feet on the curb as a group down to the other side (5 merkins)…go back to the other side 4 merkins…back to the other side for 3…and so on down to 1.

We put our toys away and ended with 5 MOM

Name-o-rama:  Brian Skeens (FNG) was EH’d by a NC coworker and came on out for some red pill action.  My man peddles water and is from Saint Simon’s Island so he was donned Saint 2 O.  He said he will be back Wed for more.  Nice work today!

COT: Prayers for travelling PAX, for Nacho Libre, for Dab’s hip, and for the group in general.

Honored to be with you this a.m.



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