Merkins to Failure

When: 07/08/2017

QIC: Devito

PAX (): Ha-Ha; Zima; Locksmith; Bodett; Mufasa; Green Bean; Flo; El Matador; Dosido; Cookie; Special K; Crack; Devito

  1. Started off with a balmy Atlanta summer morning at Widowmaker. 13 strong pax posted to help Ha-ha toward his merkin goal for the day. This HIM is cranking out 350 Merkins everyday this month to hit the 10K target … inspiring. Welcome to Bodett visiting us from Greensboro (I think??) and Green Bean jumping up from F3 Atlanta to check out the AlphaRuck + Widowmaker 1-2 punch. Here’s how things unfolded:


Mosey around the trail to the bathroom building and circle up. IC SSH, imperial walkers (with some Ha-ha theme song motivation), Merkins, and windmills. Mosey down onto the soccer field.

The Thang

We kicked off this morning with Merkins to failure.  Partner up. One partner does as many Merkins as possible in a single string (no rest or breaking plank) while the other partner counts (resting up). Once partner can’t go any further, switch and partner 2 goes to failure. Continue flapjacks until each partner has done 3 rounds to failure.   T-claps to Mufasa and Gren Bean who cleared 200 combined. A couple other groups cleared 190 … good work. Next up we brought back every one’s favorite … burpee suicides.  Mosey over to the rock pile, grab a good size rock and head back to line up on the goal line. Suicides to each goal box line, penalty box line, midfield and far goal line (6 lines total). 2 burpees at each line. Upon return to goal line each time do 10 count exercise. Shoulder presses for 1st return, curls for 2nd, skull crushers 3rd, rock squats 4th and rock-ups 5th. Flutter kicks for the 6. Rinse and repeat with 3 burpees at each line and 15 count exercises at the goal line. My intention was to another round with 4 burpees and 20 count, but YHC was feeling the heat and worried Q might start spilling merlot … so called an audible and we headed to the hill.

After dropping off the coupons we gathered in the parking lot for something a bit different. All Pax line up in 2 lines for a cadence run to the hill and down. We have some tongue tied men in this group, so we’ll keep working on this one. We stopped and gathered at the base of the hill. OYO run to the top, 25 mountain climbers, run back down and 25 American hammers. Boat canoe for the 6. Repeat with 25 merkins at the top and 25 side elbow planks (each side) at the bottom.  Next up was Lt Dans up the hill. Didn’t want to rob anyone of the burn, so we ran a quarter way up to where the hill gets steeper to start.  Went up to 7 lunges and 28 squats, then ran the rest of the way to the top.  Time was running short so we ran back to the flag for a couple minutes of Mary. 15 count each IC flutter kicks, dollys, left obliques and right obliques.


– Praises for our new 2.0’s joining the family with Cookie and Bear.

– We’ve a number of PAX traveling around the country and globe, so prayers for their safe travel and return.

– Good to see Cookie out again after the arrival of his new little one. Flo attributed that to an amazing M … likely a pretty fair assessment.

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