Gridiron Beatdown

When: 07/03/17

QIC: I-Beam

PAX (): Booter, Tumbleweed, Flop, Poison, Hat Trick, Crab Legs, DoubleD, Bayside, AFLAC, Devito, 7-up (FNG), Thumper, Britney (Houston), DefCon2, Grease Monkey, Caffeine, Jackalope, Fore!, Love-Love (FNG)

20 pax including 2 FNGs and Britney from Houston showed up on a cool 70s morning with a lot less humidity than the past couple days.  Only took 6 minutes to start sweating instead of 5.

Time came and we moseyed to the Gridiron parking lot.

Short intro and disclaimer for the FNGs


  • SSH – 30 IC
  • Imperial Walker – 25 IC
  • Windmill – 15 IC
  • Squats – 15 IC

The Merkin Wave – 10 count – One pax at a time does a merkin in a circle and should resemble a wave.

I don’t know if it was Monday, YHC’s instructions, but we struggled here in more ways than one. I’m not even sure we all did a 10 count.  YHC gave up and we moseyed to the gridiron.

The Thang:

YHC wanted some blood pumping before we started so we did some short suicides.

  • 100 yards and back, plank for 6.
  • 50 yards and back, plank for 6, recover.

With blood pumping and YHCs breath gone I explained the exercise.

  • Walking lunges to the 10 yard line – 1 Merkin
  • Walking lunges to the 20 yard line – 2 Merkins – so on and so forth
  • @the 50 change to bear crawls and continue
  • Bear crawl to the 40 yard line – 6 Merkins
  • All the way to the opposite goal line
  • We planked it up for the 6, then some LBCs
  • Rinse and Repeat with modification
  • Walking lunges to the 10 yard line – 10 Burpees
  • Continue to the 50 and switch to bear crawls back to the starting goal line, you get the picture (brutal)

Started to plank for the 6, hit our 6 for flutter kicks until YHC was spent.  Quick 10 count to recover then moseyed to the back of the Elementary school.  YHC found a great wall on some recon and had a plan brewing for my Q.

Ascending Testicles – after the beatdown on the Gridiron we all had trouble here

  • 15 degree derkins – 10 count
  • 45 degree derkins – 10 count
  • BTTW hold

Plank for the last pax, Box Cutters to rest the arms

Rinse and repeat

  • 15 degree derkins – 8 count
  • 45 degree derkins – 8 count
  • BTTW hold  –  YHC was using the wall to my advantage, got called out by both DC2 and Devito

Had a plan to work my way down to 2 count, but when the Q is spent and you are losing the Pax, you mosey. Back to the flag for some more Mary.  Indian run was attempted, but I think the Pax were worn down and the route couldn’t handle the double line.


YHC started Mary with Flutter Kicks?..   Not sure

I took the opportunity to start to call out Pax I knew were ready to jump in and call exercises.

  • Crab Legs – LBCs
  • Hat Trick – Freddy Mercury
  • AFLAC – Obliques
  • I-Beam – Peter Parkers
  • DC2 – American Hammer to finish everyone off


All workouts on the 4th should still be available.  No spoken prayers.  Continue to pray for Bear and his Family as they navigate finalizing the adoption of their baby boy from China. Prayers for a safe holiday tomorrow.

Mole Skin:

  • Welcome FNGs Mark Jacobson – Love-Love and Dylan Sprite – 7-Up.
  • Britney in town from Houston, hopefully the beatdown was up to snuff
  • Thought I heard some merlot spilled this morning, but it might have just been phlegm coming up for a visit
  • Great work to the Pax leading Mary at the end, expect more of the same
  • 20 was a good number this morning, expected less with the impending holiday.  Still determining the best approach to try and spread the numbers out.  Friday WO?..  Saturday WO?..

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