Four corners and a hill

When: 06/27/2017

QIC: Fondue Guy

PAX (): Miller Time, I-beam, Bear, Nacho Libre, Hickory Stick, Locksmith, Legos, Meatloaf, Def Con 2, Cookie, Mufasa, Peanut, Hot Pocket, Swingline, Lumbergh, Zima, Padre, Bayside, Jackalope, TO, FNG - Pit stop, FNG - Standby, Fondue Guy

Warm Up: One loop around the parking lot to allow a few “just in time” arrivals to transition from their cars. We ran to the parking lot near the horse field for the following warm up exercises: 10x Side Straddle Hop, 15x Imperial Walker, 10x Merkin, 10x LBC, 10x Cotton Picker

Mosey to the horse field for a four corner workout (OYO), 10 Burpee, 20 LBCs, 30 American Hammer (double count) and 40 plank jacks.

Picked a partner for the BBM relay with squats, lunges, and big boy sit-ups while your partner runs up and down the hill. Mosey to the flag!

COT: We are at the end of Q2 for Peanut and I coordinating the Tuesday/Thursday workouts. It was a great experience to be accountable to the PAX each week whether I was leading or not. I have hit my 1 year mark with F3 this week (I think). I am thankful for the accountability, the fellowship and the of course the chance to improve my endurance and strength with you all. We prayed for a safe delivery for Cookie’s third child this week.

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