The Ramblin’ Wreck

When: 06/19/17

QIC: GreenBean

PAX (): Tumbleweed, Booter, Sleeper (WD), Hat Trick, Bronco, Grease Monkey, Moonshine, I-Beam, Doogie, Zima, Sprocket (FNG) (WD), Pita, Thumper, GearHead, Smack Down, Devito, Patch, Deliverance, Rudy, Bear, Crystal (WB), Special K (WD), Miller Time, Aflac (47), Circus, Caffiene, GreenBean, DefCon 2

YHC was honored to Q 28 fearless PAX in the Roswell Rec Park gloom this AM. Apologies for the ramblin’ random excercises, as YHC is used to Saturday Q’s (1 hr.), but also was trying to fit in too much to introduce some new exercises to The Wreck. I also tried to be cool by bringing some tunes (Sleeper says he’s changing my name to JukeBox), however, maybe I should have let the M review my set list (she’s a Zumba lover). AC/DC Thunderstruck then moving into (a suprise- what’s next on my iTunes?): Alabama Shakes: Hold On, for the Warm-a-Rama:

COT around the workout equipment. Who needs equipment?

IW’s IC x 15
MC’s IC x 15
Low Slow Squats IC x 15
Merkins IC x 5
Squalkers! IC x 15
MC’s IC x 15
Low Slow Squats IC x 15
Merkins IC x 20
Air Chair

Then follow me for The Thang:
Mosey around baseball field to playground.
3 sets of:
Sprint to top of steep hill to left of pines, 10 Burpees, back down steps to playground, find some monkey bars for pull-ups (max or 10). OYO
*Note to self: do not do pull-ups when there is a support bar overhead- it hurts when you knock your head into it (DC2 was a witness)
Solid work by Sleeper (who by the way is doing a Burpee challenge (3 months to 5K?), also MillerTime, DefCon2, Aflac
Plank it up, wait on the six, into squats.

Follow me into virgin territory- YHC took the long route around front ballfield over to Roswell North Elementary School for:
Handrail shuffle up, right side first, then flapjack up to vines, sprint back around to line of PAX.
Next time this would be better with 2 lines, and/or all PAX starting along rail. Suggestion was thrown out for bear crawls underneath shuffflers.
Mary, then wall sits to wait on PAX.
But wait, who comes running up to meet the PAX? None other than Zima. “You said do 3 sets of the last exercise, so I had to finish”. Get er’ done! Awesome attitude Zima. No one came out here to cheat themselves.

Follow me around super secret short-cut to turf fields for:

Line up on goal line. Bear Crawl OYO to 50 yard line.
Props to Miller-Time, I-Beam and Aflac (Bear Run!).
Partner up. Crabwalk to opposite goal line from partner, then sprint back to 50 for Hand-Clap Merkins, 10 single-count. (Nice work Crystal!)
Man, I had so many other exercises (duck walks, mary catherines, barishnikovs and run-stand-switch), but too little time, lucky for PAX!

Follow me to the perfect wall around baseball field (back towards shovel flag) for:
Dips IC x 20
Jump-ups (or step-ups) OYO x 15

Bear: “You know it’s good when the Q is tired”. Me, tired? yup.
Mosey back to shovel flag for Mary:
Mason Twist IC x 25 (with The Dab style- slow mo for last 5). Lucky for PAX a car broke us up midway through!


Naked Moleskin:
Fantastic to see continued growth of this new AO. Thanks again to all the hard work put into promoting this. Temperatures were a balmy 73 (according to the GreenBean Lexus), and rose to 77 by the end. (79 is the record for YHC), so this was a hot one. Thanks to DC2 for the recording, and introducing me to “AirDrop”. I thought I was an old man till I learned he’s 40! Keep up the good work, and hope to return soon. My fellow Dunwoody PAXmate, Manhole (ask him how he got his name), will be the Q next Wednesday, the 28th.


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