Wheels on the bus

When: 6/14/17

QIC: Misty

PAX (): Babyface, Banjo, The Mole, Manning, Factory, Yokel, Buckeye, Cricket, The Mule, and 3 more FNGs, Spartacus (Harry), Compass (Gabe), Weezy (Jacob)

It has been truly impressive to see the growth that our group has experienced the last few weeks and it was my pleasure to lead this fine band of merry men in the gloom this AM. In a bit of foreshadowing or irony, however you look at it, I overheard a discussion that had something to do with The Mule and buses.

Warm up

But, before we get to that we had to get our engines warmed up at the 4 corners:

15 ssh run straight ahead

20 IW and karaoke sideways

25 ssh and backpedal

30 IW and karaoke

Then we moseyed over to the back of the school to load the busses:

The Thang

Run to end of bus lane (#27)

27 plank jacks and back to the start to do 1 burpee

Run to lane 26 and do 26 lbcs and back to the start for a burpee

Followed up with merkins and reverse lbcs

at lanes 25 and 24, respectively repeating that cycle until we got down to 1

After some air chair Babyface stepped in with the save while some of the group was still working hard on the bus lanes. He called out some Mary with a few PAX calling out their favorites:

15 dying cockroach

15 flutter kick

15 dolly

10 box cutter

Moseyed back to the flag with a few minutes left for the ring of Fire:

One merkin each while the others hold plank and then went around for everyone to do 3. Then switched to Monkey humpers x 5 all the way around while the group held air chair and then we called it a day.


Name-o-rama: New FNGs

Weezy – Jacob Goodin

Spartucus- Harry Mavromatidis

Compass – Gabe Mavromatidis



  • 2.0 workout coming up on 6/24, Babyface looking for a estimated headcount
  • Looking for volunteer Qs for 3rd qtr starting in July

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