Games of Chance

When: 6/7/2017

QIC: Ralphie

PAX (): El Matador, Ralphie, Catfish, Sunshine, Piggy, Erk, Handy, Mr. Drummond

8 strong posted for YHC’s 2nd attempt at Q.
Moseyed around the parking lot to sweep up some late to the dance PAX.
Warmed-up with 20 SSHs, 10 Imperial Walkers and YHC blanked(should have been cotton pickers), but El Matador got us primed with 10 merkins…it was a good thing…


Mosey to the freshly lined soccer field.
Fire Drill…
While in a circle, each PAX take a turn and yells Fire, which the PAX responds by dropping, rolling to the right, Merkin, then rolls over to the left, Merkin, back up. Repeat. Catfish’s enthusiasm more than made up for Sunshine’s groaning.
Black Jack or 21…
Start at goal line perform 1 merkin, run down to far goal line for 20 LBCs. Repeat 2 and 19, 3 and 18 until you get to 21 merkins. Air Chair for the 6.
Blimp –
5 burpees, 10 lunges up the field, 10 lunges back, 25 imperial walkers, 30 squats….
Indian run with the 6 performing 1 burpee, then sprinting up to the front.
Back to the lot for Mary
10 Dolly’s – Ralphie’s call
10 Dying Cockroaches – Sunshine selects…
10 Hammers – Piggy’s pick
10 Big Boy Sit ups – Erk’s effect


Job search for Ralphie continues. Job hunt for Squirrel as well. Prayers for summer, safety and obey God’s calling for all of us.

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