Beachbody by Boomer

QIC: Boomer

PAX (): Boomer, Ralphie, The Dab, Sunshine, Erk, Handy, Piggie, Karl, El Matador

9 PAX posted on a humid Monday morning. It’s not 31 like at the Wreck, but it’s the quality not the quantity. YHC is going to the beach next week so we needed to work those arms and abs while also getting our heart rate up. Here’s what happened.

Warmup (IC):

  • SSH
  • Cottonpickers
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Squats
  • Mountain Climbers

The Thang:

Electric light mosey with 10 merkins at each tall pole. Meet at rock pile. Partner up and pick up a coupon. At bottom of hill, partner 1 starts running up the hill to the gate and back. Partner 2 starts 100 curls. Partner 1 picks up where Partner 2 finished while Partner 2 runs. 100 curls, 100 presses, 100 skullcrushers. Plank for 6. Rotate coupons and repeat but with 100 Ben-Gays (lying on back with feet at 6 inches and bring rock overhead to the ground and back up, totally making that name up because of Ralphie’s moaning), 100 v-ups, 100 big boy situps. Deposit your coupon in the poison ivy nursery then Indian run back. Stop on the way for our old friend Jack Webb. This seemed to be just the right dessert for the beachbody beatdown. Mosey back just a minute over time.



  • Prayers for Karl’s M starting a new career in real estate.
  • Prayers for CAA- counselors, safety, impact, Erk’s M, patience with parents
  • Praying we all serve our M’s better.
  • Sunshine in rare form. YHC didn’t know sleeprunning was a thing but Sunshine didn’t actually wake up until the Indian run.
  • Piggie’s back! A new 2.0 is no longer an excuse.
  • Great to see some growth after last month’s AO challenge. Karl, Erk, and Handy all recent PAX.
  • 31 at the Wreck! No sadclown is safe in the North of Atlanta. Where are we going to give it away next? Let me or Crack know if you want to give it away in your neighborhood.

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