Explosive step count, chasing Grizzlies

When: 1/3/17


PAX (): Bloodhound, Babyface, Banjo, Cricket, Westside, C4

YHC, being of sore and stiff body due to this past Wed workout, thought it would be good to stretch the legs a bit, loosen up, and get in some Kodiak steps, to see how much of an increase we might match to the normal workout routine.  The morning was beautiful, albeit humid, and the PAX was ever cheerful awaiting our 7am start.  So eager is this PAX that we all arrived about 20 minutes early.  Cricket, ever punctual, nevertheless, pulled in just at 6:58 and we were then off.

Warm Up

Mosey along the Kodiak mile behind the school all the way to the end loop, a long trot to set the tone of more to come.  Circle up . . .

15 SSH
10 Cotton Pickers
10 Monkey Humpers
10 Hillbillies
10 Windmill

The Thang

We lined up at the end of the mile for what YHC was calling a lengthy Quarter Pounder but ultimately became affectionately more of a Half Pounder:

Run to the end of the canopy, a heavy 100 yard sprint — 25 Merkins, then run back and plank;
Run to the grass island just past our Kodiak hill, about 50 yards beyond that — 50 squats and back;
Run to the end of the tennis courts, about another 100 yards further — 75 mountain climbers;
Finish by running to the glorious cast iron gates of Grizzly stadium, the full “Kodiak mile,” 100 SSH, and then back.

Already winded, and apparently each of us feeling the previous night’s dinner again, Bloodhound expresses the wish to bring some Merlot.  We’ll see.

Kodiak 10 count, then Next up Mosey to the Kodiak hill country, whereby we put the Kodiak into action, almost literally, for some Rampage 21:

1 Mountain climber Merkin, Bear crawl down the hill, head first, 20 LBCs, then Bear crawl back up.  YHC noticed several tumbling Kodiaks down the hill at first get-go, the morning dew and steep decline proving a challenge to hold.  The quads would burn, indeed.  The PAX did this until we hit 10 Mountain Climber Merkins and 11 LBCs, ever tough even for this ursine PAX.  The head first Bear crawl down proved notably painful..

Rubicon 10 count, needing those few extra breaths, then Mosey to the school ROTC course, for a little YHC Randomrama.

Complete the full monkey bar course, head to the pull-up bars, complete 5 pull-ups, then proceed counterclockwise around the school until the far wall, 20 donkey kicks, then back to the monkey bars.  The group got two of these loops in until YHC noticed the clock expiring, and then back to the flag.

Mary-up for 50 [Repeating] Big Boy Sit-ups, and time.

Almost 3.3 miles altogether, and so yes, the PAX got in some steps.  No Merlot to Bloodhound’s chagrin.


3rd F opportunity for the House of Hope at the Freehome Publix this morning.
Wishing Bloodhound’s Mother-in-law our prayers as she confronts her illness and chemo
Prayers for all Fathers this month that they may follow Our true Father in becoming the best men they can be.


More sign-ups for the Lanier Spartan Race, and consideration of adding a race in TN.  YHC wouldn’t mind some company at Asheville either.

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