The MARSOC Short Card

When: 06/01/17

QIC: Miller Time

PAX (): Mufasa, DC2, Catfish, Isner, Special K, Radar, Watson, Nacho, Booty, Fondue, Bear, Hot Sauce, Padre, Turbine, Miller time, Zima, Lumbergh

17 PAX Posted in the gloom for a sweat fest today.  YHC was unhappy about not being able to attend the Murph on Monday so the search was on for something related.  Fortunately the intraweb didn’t disappoint.   The MARSOC is the United States Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command and they have two routine workouts.  Today we Tackled the Short Card.  The Long Card is no joke and will require an extra hour but looks like great fun.

After a warm up in the parking lot so we could wait for Catfish who had fartsack delay issues this morning, we took the long mosey around the park to a nice lighted parking lot by Horse Field.

The MARSOC Short Card (sometimes: Recon Short Card)

  1. 30 Push-ups
    30 Air squats
    3. 30 Crunches
    4. 10 Burpees
    5. 10 Windmills
    6. 30 Push-ups
    7. 30 Mountain climbers
    8. 30 Flutter kicks
    9. 10 Burpees
    10. 10 Cherry pickers (4-count)
    11. 30 Push-ups
    12. 30 Star jumpers (or jumping jacks)
    13. 30 Back Extensions (“supermans”)
    14. 10 Burpees
    15. 10 Chain breakers
    16. 30 Push-ups
    17. 30 Lunges
    18. 30 Hello dollies
    19. 10 Burpees
    20. 10 Trunk twists
    21. 15 Star Jumps (Added this for integrity and to please DC2)
    22. Normally a 3 set max of pull ups, we modified to 3 cycles of 5 pull ups, 10 Mercans, 15 Squats

Next we formed two lines for a Bataan death march into and around the FOD until everyone got to do burpees.

Line up on 3rd base line and pick a partner for Partner carry races to the outfield fence.  Last team does burpees.  Swap partners and race back to 3rd base line.  Out of time, back to the flag.  Mufasa, Nacho, YHC and few others then busted out 13 Burpees because someone (me) let the flag hit the ground.


  • 3rd F cancelled this morning – Back next week
  • 6:00 AM Ruck at Widow Maker Saturday led by Mufasa
  • 5:30ish 2nd F meetup at Gate City TODAY to support Roswell Launch


  • Our internal hierarchy continues to grow. Mufasa has informally taken the role of “Q of the Co-Q” – monitoring our CoQ; keeping him in check at times.
  • Great to see the new wave of pax posting consistently and getting stronger. YHC expects a wave of VQ’s coming soon.
  • Look for another Q school soon

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