The Day After

When: 05/30/2017

QIC: Nacho Libre

PAX (): Hot Sauce, Padre, Miller time. Mufasa, Radar, booty, So So Def, Fondue, Special K, Cookie, Turbine, DC2, Bear, Catfish, Nacho

The day after Memorial day (or any non-working holiday) I always wake up feeling kind of sad that it is over. Well this day after memorial day was a little different. First, the circle of trust after the Murph beat down made Memorial day sink in for me. I called one of my friends that proudly served in the U.S. Army and asked him if there was someone that he knew that I could honor. He went on to list about 10 people in 10 seconds. It truly brought home how real our freedom is and how it has a real cost. As a civilian I am so far removed from the sacrifice that was given to us as citizens of the United States of America. I am ashamed of myself that it takes a day like Memorial Day for me to remember this great principle. Second, it is always a pleasure to roll out of the fart sack and Q.

Warm-up: Moseyed over to the top parking lot for a quick start. Side Straddle Hops, Hill Billies, Squats, and Mountain Climbers. All in cadence, all to 14 reps.

The Thang: The Pax moseyed over to the rock pile to grab a coupon. YHC instructed to grab a big rock and head back to the upper parking lot. At the base of the parking lot drop your rock. Run to the first divider and do 2 Burpees then run back to your rock and do 5 overhead lunges with rock. Drop the rock and run to the next divider and do 4 burpees and then back to the rock for 10 overhead lunges with your rock. The Pax did this all the way to 12 Burpees and 25 overhead lunges.

Next up on the agenda was decremental suicides. The parking lot is 14 spaces wide. The pax ran to the end 14 plank jacks and back to the start all the way to 1. Rinse and repeat with overhead claps. The Pax had time for one traditional suicide to finish strong. Drop your rock back at the pile.

Few minutes of mary all in cadence. 14 T-Bombs, LBFC, Box cutters, LBC’s.

COT: Nacho’s friend’s brother passed away this past weekend. 25 years old lost his battle with cancer.

Roswell launch this next Monday, June 5th. EH all the sad clowns of the greater Roswell Area.


Mufasa, Miller Time, and Bear were leading the charge this morning.

DC2 wasn’t far behind and almost made the whole beatdown without being Co-Q.

Welcome back Padre! Can we get some Cotter points? Rader, Turbine, Special K, and Catfish all recent FNG’s that have been crushing the beatdowns. What about Hot Sauce? He broke the record for number of times he beat the fart sack in May!

As always it is a pleasure to lead this group of men!

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