Memorial Day at The Kodiak

When: 5/29/17

QIC: Banjo

PAX (): Cricket, Homeboy, Banjo, FNG Jimbo( Steve Sullivan) and FNG Tinkerbell (Jeremy Collett)

It was an honor to Q this pax on an awesome Memorial Day Monday. I wasn’t sure who would be at the Kodiak hunt this morning as I new some of our crew were heading over to Alpharetta for Murph. Great job this morning Cricket and Homeboy and we had 2 FNG’s that showed up ready to work.

Warm up

Mosey to behind the tennis court for:

10 count in cadence


Copperhead Squat


Cotton picker

The Thang

Next we moseyed to rear parking lot for a 4 corner abs routine.

In cadence

1st corner- 10 flutter kicks

2nd corner- 10 Dolly

3rd corner- 10 crunchy frog

4th corner- 10 American Hammer.

Rinse and repeat and add 5 reps to each.

11’s with Thigh master on one side of bus lanes and Worst Merkin Ever on the other side. Instead of diamond merkin we did Ranger merkin so, wide merkin, regular merkin and Ranger merkin is one rep.

Quick 10 count to recover

Round 2 of 11’s

Side Stratal Squat on one side of bus lanes and squats on the other side.


Finish with a Scout Run back to the flag.  


  • Steve Sullivan- Jimbo
  • Jeremy Collett- Tinkerbell


  • Prayers for those who have lost loved ones while serving our country.
  • Homeboy’s Mission trip to Florida in 2 weeks.
  • Banjo to be a ¬†better father, husband, brother, son, and man.

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