Alpha Murph

When: 05/29/17

QIC: Boomer

PAX (): Boomer, Crack, Nacho, Locksmith, The Dab, Easy Go, Sneakers, Reuben, Hombre, FNG Evita, Bear, I-Beam, Whirly, Bloodhound, Dosido, Babyface, Swiper

17 PAX gathered to honor the fallen and complete the Murph again. I-Beam came fully prepared to do it the manly way, with his 20 pound vest. Very impressive and YHC jumped on Amazon to look for one. Hopefully, YHC will be ready for next year. Great to see Whirly back out there, and honored to lead a great group of HIMs.

Quick disclaimer and explanation. No warmup. Just turn them loose. Mosey from the fountain to the monkey bars at the Rubicon. Crack out in front with Nacho not far off his pace. Once there, 5 pullups, 10 merkins, 15 squats. Repeato 20 times. Once everyone was finished, the PAX divided into 2 lines for an Indian Run back. The group held together until coming up to the children of the corn. Short break with LBCs. Jail break back with a short slowdown for lunges. Made it back with 10 minutes to spare.

COT- Instead of saying your own name, we shared the name, age, date of death, and location of death of a serviceman or woman. Powerful and sobering COT. Thankful for all those who made the ultimate sacrifice.


  • As YHC mentioned, my brother lost his life outside of Fallujah, Iraq in 2006. Here is a great story about my brother and the men he served with in Iraq. A lot of HIMs with a mission.
  • Final Alpha AO Challenge Update coming soon. Spoiler alert, Rubicon won.
  • 2nd F Thursday at Gate City Brewery
  • Roswell AO launch next Monday.

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