2017 2.0 & Dad Beatdown

When: 5/27/17

QIC: Babyface & Devito

PAX (): There were 66 in all, we don't have names for them all, but every AO was represented well.

YHCs (Babyface and Devito) began putting the plan together for this 2.0 beatdown in the beginning of May, though it may not have seemed like it, a lot of planning and collaboration went into putting on a beatdown with 2 Qs & 66 total people from the age of 3 to 50+.  It was a tall order to keep everyone engaged, moving, sweating, and happy, but overall YHC was satisfied with the result, because the result was a bunch of happy smiles from the 2.0s.  So, sorry dads if you felt like you still needed to go and get a little extra work in this afternoon, but 30-40 year olds are in better shape than 3-15 year olds, and that is a testament to F3.  So here is what went down:

Warm up:



Squats or Copperhead Squats

Imperial Walkers


  • The Thang – Both YHCs alternated Qing different routines, and luckily Devito had a handy Winkie to keep Babyface on script


  • Dads pair off.  2.0’s join the pairs.  Line up along the sideline. Dad’s exercise with their 2.0’s.  First group bear crawl to the middle of the field. Perform 3-5 burpees together then run back.  Other group does LBC’s.  Flapjack.  2 rounds.
  • Caterpillar over/under race – 2.0’s line up around mid-field, dads line up with last man at fence.  Dads plank, 2.0’s on knees.  Last person in line leap frogs to the front and gets down.  Next one goes.  Race to the goal-line.  Both Qs helped instruct the 2.0s during the race, but Dads still prevailed, again go F3.  I think the 2.0s were a bit confused as to what to do, that may or may not have aided in victory. Apparently kids don’t play leap frog like we used to.
  • High 5 sit-ups. Dads line up. 2.0’s line up facing dads. All on your six, feet to feet. Sit-ups IC, slapping high 5 at the top off each.
  • Skippy Jon mini-Dora – Dads pair off. 2.0’s join the pairs. 30 merkins, 40 squats, 50 LBC’s. Dads do the exercise with their 2.0’s.  One group exercises while the other skips to penalty box line and back.
  • Next make a big Circle of all members.  We will plank and pass a couple rubber balls around by hitting them with our hands.  Every time someone touches the ball, they do an exercise.  Dad’s do 5 reps, 2.0’s do 1 rep.  Q’s will call switches between merkins, plank-jacks and pop-jacks. Roughly 2 minute round with elephant walk in a circle at the end.
  • Squash Ball – Dads circle up in the middle of the field with the 2.0’s in the middle. Dads use 2-3 rubber balls to “knock” out the 2.0’s as they dodge. Dads do 5 merkins for each 2.0 they knock out. 2.0’s do 5 with dad when hit.  To increase the dad work we the in some burpees for the dads, because who doesn’t like burpees.


Circle up for Name-o-rama

Photo afterwards followed by Breakfast at the playground


  • Thanks to Ha-Ha for the photographs, great job capturing the special day
  • Thanks to all those who helped with the food either through donation or by picking up food/drink
  • 66 total people at the beatdown, it was an awesome display of the power of F3.
  • Roswell AO launch is Monday June 5th, so help out if you can.  There will be a 2nd F at Gate City Brewery on the 1st, an evite has been sent out, let someone know if you haven’t received on.
  • Murph this Monday at 7am starting at the fountain in downtown Alpharetta.
  • Thanks to Greenbean from the Atlanta region for finding his way to the Widow Maker, Mufase treated him (and I think someone else) to a fun filled morning, then Green bean stayed for some 2nd F at the playground.  Again thanks for coming up.
  • Babyface: It was personally an honor to have the opportunity to Q this group of men and to have you all allow me to lead you and your children, even if I make grammatical (and apparently mathematical errors).  So again thank you for the honor of leading you all today
  • Devito: Was a great way to kick off Memorial Day weekend, honoring sacrifice with smiles, fun and fellowship. My thanks to all who brought out their 2.0’s to make today a great success. It was an honor to lead you and your kids along side Babyface this morning.

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  1. Great Q, my 2.0 had a blast! Very cool to see F3 now beginning to impact our 2.0s’ lives like it has our own. Thanks for taking lead on this event!


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