VQ make it rain up in Heeya!

When: 05/23/17

QIC: Reuben (VQ)

PAX (): Darth Visor, Swiper, Hero, Clyde

Reuben on the VQ in a steady downpour.  Remembering the call out when Swiper headed for the Superdome in similar conditions while the Rubicon braved the elements, the Q made sure that not even a second of rain cover would lighten the intensity of his maiden voyage as Captain of the BC ship.  Here’s how she went…

Mosey to columns for warm up:

-side straddle hop
– Imperial Walker
– hillbilly
– sqats

Around the World:

1)We started South- Partner up. One partner runs to light post while other does merkins- we did 200 total- modify with CDD.

2)Work our way North- with partner- bear crawls down and back-partner does mountain climbers. 250 total

3) East Side- Bruce Lee- 6 ab exercises- a) Hammer b) leg raises c) LBC’s d) heel touches e) crunchy frog f) 100’s – we did 2 rounds 20 reps each excercise.

4) West side- mosey to the track was a complete failure. Would have been Bataan death march. To be continued.

Mosey over to rock pile for colt 45’s- 15 upper/15 upper/15 full

Back to flag for flutters and box cutters 10 x each.


-prayers for healing and for God’s grace through Reuben’s story of the past year. Amazing to see him Q today and be a continued inspiration

– 2.0 beat down this Saturday at Widowmaker with the Murph on Monday in downtown Alpharetta at the fountain.  Let’s be sure to have the BC flag flying at each event

– 2nd F at Gate City Brewery at 5:30 PM on 6/1 to celebrate the launch of the new Roswell AO that kicks off on 6/7

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