Running into the rain at the Rubicon

When: 05/23/2017

QIC: Fondue Guy

PAX (): Catfish, Radar, Devito, Nacho Libre, Bear, Foghorn, Special-K, Cookie, Mufasa, Lumberg, Legos, So So Def, Zima, Isner, Watson, TO, I-Beam, Turbine, DC2, Miller Time, Reverend Florider, Fondue Guy

Warm up in the parking lot:

  • 11x Cotton Pickers
  • 11x Imperial Walkers

The workout:

Mosey to way point: Children of the corn, planking while waiting for the six. Mosey to parking deck then plank again while waiting for the six.

Ascend the parking deck with 20 LBCs at mid point of the ramp and then 10 Merkins at the top of the ramp, repeat until the top of the deck is gained. Mosey/Walk down steps to ground floor.

Plank and wait for six to arrive.

Ascend the parking deck with alternating 10 count flutter kicks at one end of the ramp and 10 count Dolly at the other end. Repeat for each level of the deck. Mosey/Walk down steps to ground floor

Mosey back to the flag

Merry until the six arrives

COT: We enjoyed the cooling rain this morning as we ran to the parking deck and worked our way up the deck a couple of times. Reverend Florider visiting from NC was a nice addition to the group of 22. We exercised our faith in a faithful God for mercy and grace for Job (son of a F3 man in NC) who has inoperable brain cancer. Reminder that there is a 2.0 workout this Saturday!

Hosea 6:3

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