Girlfriends and Goats

QIC: Ha-ha

PAX (): Miller Time, Def Con 2, El Matador, Boomer, Mufasa, Nacho Libre, Baby Face, De Vito, Special K, Moonshine, Locksmith, FNG Booty, Swiper, Hot Sauce, Easygo, Crack, Cookie, The Dab, Ha-ha

After a week of being cooped up in a convention center in Nashville, YHC was excited to get back out in the gloom (well, kinda gloom. The sun was rising.) with the HIMs of the Alpha. YHC had been working on Project X for about 4 weeks and it was time to introduce the PAX to their new girlfriends.  They come in different shapes but all weigh in at a lovely 35-37 pounds except for Bertha which weighs in at 70 lbs and no one chose her.  So as 19 PAX arrived everyone picked out a girlfriend for the morning and at 7:00 after a disclaimer we moved out.


After a mosey around the parking lot we put our girlfriends down in front of us so they could admire us as we warmed up:

Cotton Pickers
Wind Mills

We then picked up our girlfriends for a mosey into the trail system to the hill at the second intersection down from the road.

11’s were called for with 1 sanpee at the top (burpee where when you stand you life your girlfriend over your head) a run down the hill and 10 shoulder presses with your girl at the bottom.  Run back to the top for 2 sanpees and back down for 9 shoulder presses, etc.

This proved to be quite a challenge but the AlphaMen are always up for hard work. As the lead dogs finished up the rest of the group fell in and our girls wanted to go to the beach.  Since we don’t have a beach at the Widow Maker AO we took them to the soccer field.

YHC introduced a new exercise, the Goat Swing. Taking out girls by the handles we swung them to the right, up and behind our heads and back down to in front of us and continuing the motion in circles right for 30 seconds. The Goat Swing left for 30 seconds.

We circled up for some Mary starting with passing girls left from side to side and then passing girls right from side to side in an American Hammer type move.

Then we did crunches (Goat Crunches?) starting on your back with your girl on your chest and sitting up and simultaneously lifting your girl above your head.

Then LBCs and Freddie Mercurys with our girls watching. to finish out time. Sadly, they all left until our next date.

We welcomed FNG Doug Stafford, Booty.


Prayers for PAX who has lost a family member.


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