QIC: Major Dad

YHC is aware that some of you have already received this update. Better to have it twice than not at all. Travel safe!

• Donate to the Hidden Wounds foundation at the following link. This is a worthy cause and we will be presenting them a check at the race site.

Donations to F3 Summerville causes

• Contact Goose (r.w.martier@gmail.com) ASAP and sign-up for F3 Village games. Regions and AO’s also need to coordinate team space/tents for the village with Goose now. ALL Pax are encouraged to stick around for 2nd F after the race, as well as participate in the F3 games.
• All runners check the following web site for your team number and starting time. You will need to know this when you check in. http://www.ultimatechallengemudrun.org/start-times.html
• Team Captains print and sign the race waiver. Each team must have a waiver signed by all team members with them upon checking in for the race.
• Early forecast predicts a very hot race day with possible Thunderstorms. HYDRATE and plan accordingly.

• 0730 gates open for the masses. Plan for traffic delays getting to the AO. F3 will be parking near the buses. Look for F3 brothers to direct you to parking.
• Team Captains ONLY check in IMMEDIATELY after arriving. No need for all team members to stand in line. F3 check-in will be via the F3 table, NOT the table for the general population. Captains will need to know their team name and start time.
• 0815 BOM
• 0830 Race starts
• 0851 First F3 team steps off.
• 0913 Last F3 team steps off. Actual finish order is determined by one tracer that each team gets and when that tracer passed the start and finish line, not physical order of finish. F3 has nothing to do with the timing of this event, with the exception of the F3 team’s order.
• F3 games will go at approximately 1130 or as determined by Goose. This is the first time for the F3 games so you definitely want to stick around to compete and enjoy the 2nd F.
• Food and beverage vendors will be on site. PLEASE SUPPORT THE VENDORS THAT SUPPORT THE RACE.
• In addition to the vendors selling items, the Mud Run organizers (not F3) will be raffling off items.
• ENDEX is TBD, expect late afternoon.
• The Q for this event as well as some of the Co-Q’s will be wearing white F3 T-shirts on race day. If you have questions, find a guy with a White F3 shirt.
• If you plan to drink, plan NOW for a Designated Driver.

Thanks for all that you do,

Major Dad – Mud Run Q

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