The Alpha AO Challenge Update Week 2

When: 05/14/17

QIC: Boomer

PAX (): All Alpha PAX

Another week is in the books, and we kept growing. Shorter update this week, but here are the highlights.

  • Rubicon still leading the way with 52 total points. 28 points this week. Strong numbers, 3 FNGs, and Nacho posting 6 times last week. Impressive.
  • Kodiak is hot on Rubicon’s heels with 41 points. Kodiak posted 27 points this week.  FNGs, VQs, and a new weekly ruck are a winning formula.
  • Hooch is in a solid third position. 22 points this week instead of 14 in week 1. 2 VQs, and the Hooch is just biding its time. The points are there.
  • Rough week for Big Creek. Swiper was out of town, and it happens. Only 1 point for the week, but Swiper has some VQs lined up. This is a competition, but we are competing so that we all get better. Hopefully this will help get some momentum going again.
  • 13 pax at Hoppy-Like? That’s a record. 22 at Rubicon last week? That’s a record. What record will we break this week?
  • Another AO? Coming soon in Roswell. Details to come.
  • Growing Saturday numbers- 14 at Widowmaker, 6 at Kodiak, and 4 DR for the Birmingham launch. Mothership constantly says that Saturdays are key. Let’s keep it up.

Great work PAX! Week 3 is a sleeper. Halfway there, but don’t stop now.



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