Burpee Broad Jumps to the Finish

When: 05/13/17

QIC: Devito

PAX (): devito, dab, weird science, miller time, boomer, easy-go, mufasa, defcon 2, swiper, TO, locksmith, ralphie, moonshine, foghorn

The rain cleared out overnight and left us with an outstanding morning at #Widowmaker. 14 PAX posted for a Saturday morning beatdown to wash the week away. Here’s how things went down …

The Warmup:

Mosey around the parking lot and out onto the soccer field. Circle up for IC SSH, copperhead squats, Merkins, and windmills.

The Thang:

Mosey over to the rock pile and select a medium sized coupon, then return to the field along the goal line. The sequence went IC curls, IC skull crushers, IC rock-ups, sprint to the far goal line, OYO merkins, sprint back to the original goal line and rock-V for the six. Rocks-ups are done on your six with feet held at 6 inches and the rock held above your face. Keeping arms straight, lower the rock down above your head til the rock touches ground, then return to the start position. Round 1 was 25 reps each exercise. Rinse and repeat rounds at diminishing rep counts 20, 15, 10, and 5. After the 10 rep round YHC had the bright idea to replace the sprints with lunges to mi-field in combo with shoulder presses. Keeping up shoulder presses the whole time may have been a bit ambitious. Returned to the sprints for the 5 rep round.

Next it was time for team competition. Divided group into Team 1 and Team 2 each with 7 PAX.  Each team lines up in plank facing the goal line with the starting man on the sideline. Starting man gets up and broad jumps down the line of planked teammates until he reaches the last man in line. Then he falls in line in plank and the next man goes. First team to the far sideline wins. First race finished neck and neck. For race 2, we replaced the broad jump with a burpee broad jump to add a bit more challenge. Team 1 took the braggin’ rights this round.

We then returned the rocks to the rock pile and took off on a 2 column merkin scout run around the full road loop. Scouts sprint out to the next intersection, do 10 markings, and then return to the back. Finishing up back on the soccer field with some round robin Mary. Flutterkicks, Freddy mercury, plank jacks, j-lo’s, gas pumper, and dying cockroach.

COT / Moleskin:

– Prayers for our wives and mothers this Mothers Day weekend.

– Memorial Day weekend – Widowmaker 0700 beatdown will be a 2.0 beatdown. Bring the kiddos and we’ll have a fun modified workout. Plans are brewing to do the Murph the Monday morning near the Rubicon AO … more to come.