The Chronicles of Hand Basket’s VQ

When: 05/11/17

QIC: Hand Basket

PAX (): Moses, Manhole, FNG &WB? (Braveheart), Five More (WB?), Seles (WD), Montross, Bear, Fizz, Sleeper

posted on behalf of Hand Basket:

10 PAX posted for my first go at being the Q. Moses took me through Q school the day before so I was prepared to deliver a detailed disclaimer for all to hear.

• 15 Squats
• 11 Turkish get ups each side
• 12 Windmills
• 11 Perkins (aka Tempo Merkin)
• 15 Side straddle hops
• 11 Peter Parkers and 11 Parker Peters
• High knees and butt kicks through the parking lot
• Mosey on down to the football field

The PAX started in the end zone and made their way down the football field. OYO – ran 20 yards down and do 20 Knee Ups, run backwards 10 yards and do 10 Burpees…then Repeato all the way down to the endzone.

Bear rewarded us with a 10 count.

Just in time to catch our breath the PAX partnered up.
Wheelbarrow for 25 yds switching off with partner until reaching the other endzone. He-could go…all…the….way!

Return to the opposite endzone with a friendly Partner Drag switching every 25 yds.

Thanks for another 10 count Madoff, it was needed.

Circle up for 10 Stone Mountains and then mosey up to the parking lot.

Hand Basket’s MOLESKIN:
• 1 FNG today, Adam who earned the name Braveheart for enduring the pain brought on by my first Q. Many thanks to Braveheart for leading us all in prayer.

Moses’ Moleskin:
– good thing the pax finally heard a real dislcaimer; F3 Nation thanks you, Hand Basket! That said, they may never show up for another workout given the combination punch of the disclaimer and the burpee suicides on the football field.
– I don’t know about the rest of you, but I was comforted having 2 Furman football players on the field with me. Fish out of water and all…
– Impressive that the pax endured the humid slog on the field; the ‘grumblechatter’ (coining a term from Jersey Boy in LKN) was spewing from the mouths of the pax. But they all kept their previous night’s Merlot down.
– T-claps to my friend Hand Basket for stepping up and leading. Leaders put themselves in a position to fail…and fail you did. You failed to yield to the grumblechatter all around you. You failed to falter from your plan when any normal man would have called an audible by the time we made it to the 50 yard line. You failed to let Sleeper’s late arrival throw you off balance. Pretty much an epic fail…
– I’m looking forward to your next Q. I can’t wait to see what you find on the InterWeb thingy. Try FaceTube and TwitterSpace. Great sources for workout ideas.

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  1. Great Q, Hand Basket. I’m just happy I was around for the 1st one so I can say I completed at least one of your workouts. If they get any harder, I may opt for an early coffeeteria

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