Fun and Games on Field of Dreams

When: 05/09/2017


PAX (): LEGOs (FNG), Locksmith (FNG), Junior, Devito, Cookie, Mufasa, Hot Sauce, Miller Time, Nacho Libre, Zima, I-beam, Bear, Foghorn, T.O., DefConII, DoSiDo, SoSoDef, Watson, Lumbergh (FNG from last week, 3rd post in week)

The #F3AlphaAOChallenge is invigorating all the PAX. Today was no exception as all arrived in the gloom to an unknown field day of fun.

Warm up

Mosey to the Field of Dreams (FOD) for Fun and Games in the Gloom!

Circle up at second base
Shoulder taps

The Thang
Four Bases
Cheetah run to third, 5 burpees
Elephant walk to home, 5 burpees
Crab Walk to First, 5 burpees
Reverse Crab walk to second, 5 burpees
Plank for six

Reverse Four Bases
Reverse Crab walk to First, 5 burpees
Crab walk to Home, 5 burpees
Elephant walk to third, 5 Burpees
Cheetah run to second, 5 burpees
Plank for six

Play time starts
Start as a gaggle of toddlers at second base, Out of nowhere appears a Frisbee Disk.

Throw the disk, sprint towards disk until it hits the ground, lunge walk to the disk, first one to arrive throws it again.
Pax went about 25 throws and someone called Bear crawls so…then alternate between Lunge walk and bear crawls. Reminds YHC of 5 year old soccer with all running as a giant mass.
Line up at home
Two abreast indian run around the field twice.

Merry at Home
Various call outs by Bear.

Mosey to Flag.
Various call outs by folks to finish out the time.

Welcome to FNG Locksmith and LEGOs

SoSoDef’s buddy is showing promising signs of cancer treatment

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