The Alpha AO Challenge Week 1 Update

When: 05/07/17

QIC: Boomer

PAX (): All Alpha PAX

Pax of the Alpha,

Week 1 is over, and here are our results. The Rubicon is off to a strong start thanks to Thursday’s beatdown (22 PAX strong), but there is a lot of time left in May. And the big picture is that every AO saw growth in FNGs, some old friends are posting again (Hot Sauce), and even Peanut wrote a same day backblast. The growth was evident this afternoon at the 2nd F hosted by Cookie. Sounds weird to say it, but I love that I don’t know everyone there anymore.

Rubicon: 23 points (2 FNGs, 1 Kotter, 5 bonus points- good work DCII with 5 posts this week)

The Kodiak: 14 points (1 FNG, 1 VQ)

The Hooch: 10 points (1 FNG, strong attendance over average)

Big Creek: 7 points (1 FNG, should get bonus points for letting Darth Visor post once a month)

Keep up the good work. I know the Hooch and the Kodiak have VQs tomorrow. The Rubicon held a Q school last week to set up some VQs. There’s talk about a Kodiak ruck. All great things. Aye!



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