Good Cop / Bad Cop

When: 5/6/17

QIC: Bloodhound & Babyface

PAX (): Bloodhound, Babyface, Banjo, Misty, C-4, and Hombre

What a beautiful, typical May morning.  Nothing like upper 40’s to get you into the spring mood.  We were lucky enough to have a special FNG show up today, along with a truck bed full of his friends.  The new FNG was nicknamed Sand baby due to his very dry and abrasive personality.  He is a friend of Bloodhounds so I let him take the first half of the beatdown.  So, with Enter Sandman blasting on a Bluetooth speaker, we began our day.

The Warm up:

10 each of SSH, Cotton Pickers (sometimes called cherry pickers), and Windmills

Bloodhound also threw in a round of 5 burpees, as well as progressive arm circles both forwards and back.

Now that the arms were nice and loose, Bloodhound introduced his FNG, along with all of his friends, and we all partnered up with one.  We partner carried our new friends to the back of the school  for our workouts.

The Thang

Once at the back of the school, Bad Cop (Bloodhound) instructed us to group together and we completed a fun version of Dora.  One man carried his sand bag ran a loop which consisted of going up one set of stairs, down the hill, up the opposite hill, down the stairs, and back to the start.  While one partner is completing that, the other is completing the following reps and exercises all while carrying the sand bag: 100 lunges (50 each leg), 200 squats, and 300 calf raises.

Once completed, Bad Cop had a couple other IC exercises with the sandbags which included: a press then over head tap while laying on the back.  Next we did a push up, lateral bag pull, whih included a push up followed by a bag pull, first pull to the middle of the chest, the second to the far side of the body.  Then back again. YHC can’t can’t give it an apt description, but it sucked and I don’t think anyone actually knows how many we completed, but it was in the ballpark of 100, give or take.

Once completed it was time for Good Cop (YHC) to take over.  First command put the Sand baby down.

With the stadium filled with more youth track stars we were unable to use the pull up bars and track like I had planned, but luckily YHC remember the super secret in the woods fun on the far side of the school.  So we moseyed over to the JROTC training area.


We partnered up and started a modified Murph, in preparation for the Memorial day fun.  Partner A started with the run, Partner B started with the exercises.  We did this just to break up how many pull up bars we would be occupying.  The way we modifyed was by breaking up hte exercises as followed:

5 Rnds of:

5 Pull ups

10 Push up

15 Squat

Take a lap


We unfortunately ran out of time to finish, so we moseyed back to the sand babies to give them a ride back to the truck.  We arrived back at the truck with just enough time for a quick set of LBC and reverse LBC before the hour struck 8.  Which we timed perfectly as right after name-o-rama the national anthem began playing and were were lucky enough to get to honor America by saluting our shovel flag.  Great way way to end the hunt.


  • Prayers for bloodhounds mother in law who is still battling cancer.


  • Come Out tomorrow for some fun at the 2 year anniversary cook out.
  • Birmingham launch is next week.

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