Embrace the Suck (with a Coupon)

When: 05/06/2017

QIC: Def Con II, The Dab

PAX (): The Dab, DefCon2, Ha-ha, Hot Sauce, Chubbs, Easy-Go, Gizmo, Lumbergh, Flo, El Matador, Mufasa, Cookie, Sneakers, Do-si-do

Embrace the Suck

YHC never likes an easy work out.  In reality, we most enjoy those that almost push us over the edge and hurt up to the breaking point.  This glorious Saturday was an opportunity to push the PAX and Embrace the Suck.  What better way to get close to the breaking point, than with a coupon you can live with, while running, up a hill, over and over and over.  The second half was a crowd pleasing (groaning) repeat of a Hooch workout earlier in the week.  Both sucked and lived up to their potentials.

First Half: DefConII

The Thang

Let’s Mosey to the Hill

Oh wait, reroute to grab a coupon “you can live with for a while.”  Mufasa at this point decided to grab a triple coupon in hopes for greater savings!  Are you sure Mufasa?  Yes, he was down for some serious work.

Run with Coupon down to bottom of big hill and Circle Up.


Warm Up

(coupons on ground)

SSH while wait for late six

Imperial Walkers

Long Slow Cotton Pickers


The Hill Suck

Grab your coupon, run halfway up the hill, drop coupon, 5 burpees, run to top of the hill, plank for six.  Run down the hill, grabbing coupon on way down, plank for six on your rock at the bottom.

Grab your coupon, Lunge walk to end of metal guard rail, drop coupon, Partner carry halfway up the hill, Flap-jack, Partner carry up to the top, back to the bottom of the hill.

Bear crawls up hill to end of guard rail, Grab your rock and run backwards back up the hill, proceed to rock pile to deposit your coupons, and head to mid-field on soccer pitch.


Second Half: The Dab


1x Burpee, run to far sideline, 10x Star Jumps, run back to near sideline

Rinse and repeat counting up on Burpees and down on Star Jumps



In cadence dieing cockroach

American Hammers

Left oblique crunches

Right oblique crunches



YHC thought the hill and 11s workout did suck and according to the PAX they agreed and embraced it as well.  This group is strong and did a great job living in the pain and pushing through it.



Praise for Dabs friend daughter recovery from motorcycle accident

Prayers for DC2 training management and priorities

Prayers for freedom from addiction and true healing

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