Creek side revival

When: 05/02/17

QIC: Swiper

PAX (): Gizmo, Darth Visor, Chief, Big Dipper, The Body, Hero, Chubbs (FNG)

The month of May with a nice temp drop is successfully drawing the north county PAX out of the fartsack and into the gloom!  Welcome to FNG Chubbs and great to see Hero continuing his posting streak as well!  Here is how she went down this fine morning…

Mosey to the second intersection by the FOD for Warm ups:




OFF to the FOD for Suicide escalators:

start on the baseline

Sprint 25 yards, do 10 Mercans, backpedal back to baseline

Sprint 50 yards, do 25 Plank Jacks, backpedal back to baseline

Sprint 75 yards, do 50 squats, backpedal back

Sprint full field, do 75 LBC’s, backpedal back

Rinse and repeat in reverse order, substituting back pedal for side shuffles

Head to the coupon pile and partner up for Greta 1-2-3’s:

Partner A Springs to fire hydrant while partner B works on:

50 curls

75 OHP’s

100 skull crushers

Mosey to the Roman gates for Flutters and Rosie’s IC

Mosey around the south side lot to the sundial for 2 rounds of:


Incline Mercans

Step ups

lunge walk to the track and Indian run back to the flag for quick Mary




-encouragement from Gizmo/Body to have peace whether you are waiting for the storm, in it, or past it.  How we view our circumstances will impact how we deal with them

-prayers for us all for wisdom to guide our families the right way

-2nd F Picnic this Sunday at Lake Windward park 3-5

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