The Alpha AO Challenge

When: 05/01/17

QIC: Boomer


Alright fellow PAX, it’s time for the first ever Alpha AO Challenge. Like all good ideas, I stole it from another AO, and your local AO Q’s modified it for the Alpha. This month’s focus is on the first F, but we will focus on the 2nd and 3rd F’s in upcoming months. Here are the rules. For the month of May, each AO is going to keep score to earn some bragging rights. Each PAX picks a Home AO for points only.  Mixing it up by posting at different AOs is encouraged and helps your home AO by earning bonus points. Points are awarded as follows:

  • 1 point for each PAX over your weekday AO average (averages determined by your AO Q)
    • Rubicon = 14
    • Hooch = 8
    • Big Creek = 7
    • Kodiak (not counting Saturdays) = 8
    • Visitors count towards the average
  • 1 point for each same day backblast
  • 2 points for a Kotters (PAX who hasn’t posted anywhere in at least 1 month)
  • 3 points for an FNG
  • 3 points for a VQ
  • 1 additional point for each beatdown over 3 that a PAX posts at in one week at any AO (even downrange attendance). See example below.
  • Widowmaker, Hoppy-Like, AlphaRuck, and Saturdays at Kodiak count towards earning bonus points
  • Solo beatdowns do not count.

EXAMPLE 1: If this Tuesday at Rubicon, 16 PAX post including 2 FNGS and 1 Kotters. Plus there is a VQ who posts a same day backblast. The Rubicon earns 2 points for PAX attendance, 6 points for FNGs, 2 points for Kotters, 3 points for the VQ, and 1 point for the same day backblast. The total is 14 points.

EXAMPLE 2: If Nacho posts at the Hooch on Monday, Rubicon on Tuesday and Thursday, Hoppy-Like on Friday, and Widowmaker on Saturday, his posts count towards the average numbers for the Hooch on Monday and Rubicon on Tuesday and Thursday. Plus he posted to 5 beatdowns that week so Rubicon (his home AO) gets 2 additional bonus points.

EXAMPLE 3: Same as above but if Nacho helped with the Birmingham launch on Saturday or posted while on vacation in Charleston instead of at Widowmaker, Rubicon would still get 2 bonus points. The point is to post even if it is not your regular AO.

AO Qs are responsible for tallying the score (honor system amongst the PAX) and posting regular updates, but you need to help your Q if you’ve earned bonus points. The winning AO gets a stripe on their shovel flag, and more stripes will come as new challenges are thrown down. PAX, this is a competition to keep pushing, growing, and making a bigger impact on our community. We are not just competing against the other AOs but against ourselves. We will pull this up and do it again in the fall to see how we’ve grown.

Post all questions in the comments below so all can see.



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