Merlooooooooooooooot (good times)

When: 04/29/2017

QIC: Bloodhound

PAX (): Babyface, Westside, Banjo, Play-do

Warm up:
• Cotton Pickers
• Windmill
In Cadence Exercise:
Spartan Run
PAX line up and sprint 100 yrds, do 10 merkins at the finish and walk back to the start. OYO Continue until you have done 30 x100 yrd sprints and 10×30 = 300 Merks. PAX will be nursing home walking for several days. Completed as a group in 35 Minutes.
The Wall
As a group, get over an 8’ block wall run 30 yards 10 Burpees back over the wall, rinse and repeat.

• Mosey back to the flag for some last minute improvised fun from the Q to finish the workout.

Prayers for our family and friends to have a safe weekend.

Here is the Evite link to our 2 year anniversary cookout scheduled for Sunday, May 7th at 3p in Alpharetta. M’s & 2.0’s invited, RSVP if you get a chance.

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