Stroll Down to Memory Lane/Hill… Big Dipper-VQ

When: 04/25/17

QIC: Big Dipper

PAX (): Darth Visor, The Body, Clyde, Rueben, Tarzan, Chief, FNG – Hero

The PAX assembled on an overcast morning at #bigcreek with newest FNG (Hero) onboard.  I ran down the hill with VQ excitement leaving rest of the PAX 10 yards behind until someone yelled out “Dip.”  For the past couple of days I was thinking about the Q and trying to come up with a clever theme.  But after several crumpled weinkes I decided to go back to the beginning…  down to the memory lane…  workout that made me see stars 6 months ago when I first joined…

Mosey (brisk mosey for some) downhill to the flatlands for a brief warm up starting with SSH, Cotton Picker, and Imperial Walkers

Mosey to the double breaker for some “11s”

10 Burps at the bottom of the hill

1 Merk at the top, and so on

At this point in the workout (6 months ago) I was wondering “what am I doing out here at 5:30 in the morning?”  Now I know…

Air chair until everyone has finished, and true to form, Darth led us out of our chairs to join the FNG in his last set.  Reminder that we (troopers) still have lot to learn from our lord vader…  RESPECT!

Mosey over to the Rock Pile for some Colt 45s and Rows

15 – 1/2 curls from bottom

15 – 1/2 curls to top

15 full curls

15 rows to round it out

Mosey over to the Turf Field for some Dora1-2-3 – Partner Up

100 Merks alternating Partner runs 50 yds

200 Squats alternating Partner runs 50 yds

300 LBCs alternating Partner runs 50 yds

Additional 70 LBCs by each to help FNG’s team finish out together.  This was about the point when I saw the stars 6 months ago, but today I saw a “light bulb.”  Lesson learned about Team Work from previous round!

Mosey back to the flag while Happy Clowns (Clyde and Reuben) encouraged the FNG till the end

Just enough time left for 15 Rosalitas led by Darth


Praying for Chief’s cousin in UK for her surgery & recovery, healing for Tarzan M’s back, Darth M’s health, Dipper’s job interviews, and praise for ongoing VQs & FNGs for Big Creek this month





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