Old Dogs Learning New Tricks

When: 04/19/17

QIC: Flo

PAX (): El Matador, Sunshine, Sneakers, Boomer, Ralphie, Sparty

7 PAX entered the gloom this A.M. for a daily does of the red pill, 6 of which were on time!  YHC had planned to mosey out with no warm up, but Boomer suggested we wait on Sunshine based on his message board post.  YHC also learned that theDab might be spilling the Merlot this a.m. after sharing germs with his 2.0s.  That is a shame because new exercises were the name of this game and I was hoping to teach our oldest dog (RESPECT) a few new tricks.  Anyhow, hoping you feel better buddy!  What WASN’T discussed was the playful banter regarding YHC’s affinity for tank tops.  Note to self: check boards prior to Qing.

Warm Up: Mosey around the lot for some knee hugs and front kicks on they way back.  Circled up for some SSHs (nothing new here) enter Sunshine, exit PAX.

NEXT…gathered at the bench near the old folks home for some fun in cadence:

  • Dips (10)
  • Declining Peter parkers (10)
  • Bear ups (10)
  • Declining Parker Peters (15)

NEXT…mosey to the lighted path but made a quick stop at another bench for another round of DIPs.  On the lighted path we did some sectional running interval work.  The light poles were our segments and we ran the following pattern to the rock pile.  Jog 1, Sprint 1.  Jog 1, Sprint 2.  Jog 1, Sprint 3.  Jog 1, Sprint 4.  Jog 1, Sprint 5.  Heart rate was red-lining and we magically ended at the rock pile.

At the rock pile:

10- V-ups, Windshield Wipers,  and “L’s” then run to the gate with coupon…rinse and repeat…rinse and repeat. Plank or various exercises for the 6

10- Squat/Presses, Alternating lung w/twist, heal to sky L, and heal to sky R then run to the gate with coupon…rinse and repeat…rinse and repeat. Plank or various exercises for the 6.

10- Incline Press, Pull-Overs and Press, Nose Breakers, Curls, and Overhead Skull Crushers skipped the run(Thank Sunshine for being late)…rinse and repeat for two rounds Plank for the 6

Mosey back towards the flag with a couple of stops for the 6 and traffic lights.  Introduced some “Hydraulic squats” and we gave the folks at the corner of Medlock and State Bridge a show!

Note: some of the exercises above may have an official F3 name, but the only one of the new ones YHC introduced today that could be found was the “Hydraulic Squat”


Moleskin: Mark your calendars for the upcoming 2nd F event for the whole family- May 7th at a park in Windward (more details to follow).  Cookie from the Rubicon is putting the particulars together.  Let’s be praying for our ToughMudders and especially for Mr. Drummond during this time.  I’m sure this is an especially stressful work season for him.

COT:  Prayers for Ralphie as he begins the job search, for those that couldn’t make it, and for Sparty’s wife as she goes on tour with the kiddos for the next 10 days.

Honored to push and be pushed by you!


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