Mucho Chesto Bear Crawls?

When: 04/18/17

QIC: I-Beam

PAX (): Zima, DC2, Peanut, Miller Time, Foghorn, Mufasa, T.O., Devito, Fondue, Dosido, Nacho, Crack

13 PAX posted on a beautiful morning for your QIC’s VQ @Alpha #Rubicon. Some noticed that YHC was wearing gloves and soon realized to always be prepared.  Time came and we moseyed.

Warm up

  • SSH
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Cotton Pickers
  • Shoulder Rotations – Lexicon unknown, but important for the thang to follow

The thang

Mucho Chesto Bear Crawls

Bear crawl half way down the first row of the parking lot and perform 10 merkins.  Once the 10 count was done, continued to the end of the row to perform 10 more merkins.  Standup, shake your arms out while you run to the next row and perform the same sequence with wide merkins, then diamond merkins, then staggered merkins.

Not long into the first bear crawl the PAX noticed the condition of the asphalt, a little mumble chatter ensued, but everyone made it through. (Dosido might have brought some home with him)

Planked up and waited for the six.

A quick location change for one more set of each.

The pace increased for those not wearing gloves.

BBC until the six made it in.

At this point we all looked like Arnold in his prime and moseyed on to the pavilion for some more work giving the chest a rest.

Grabbed a bench

  • Dips IC
  • Step-ups IC
  • Dips IC
  • Step-ups IC

Finished here with Balls to the Wall.  BBC after PAX dropped.

I have yet to see Nacho not be the last one.  Dosido was right there at the end.

PAX performed well and I didn’t have a contingency plan for finishing early and no one wants to do 15 minutes of Mary.

Fondue already had a workout planned and we pulled one from his and we were off to the field of dreams for another beat down.  The PAX grab rocks on the way for a lunge, overhead press workout.

  • Lunge to first base
  • Overhead press to second base
  • Lunge to third
  • Overhead to home plate

Held a squat for the six then lined up for a rock indian run around the field just to start another round of lunges and overhead presses.

Time was running thin so we pitched the rocks and moseyed to the flag.

Mufasa got us going on Mary until the six came in with flutter kicks.

Mary – Counter clockwise called by each PAX

  • LBCs – I-Beam
  • Something awful – Nacho
  • Reverse LBC – Fondue
  • Box cutters – Dosido
  • Started losing track at this point and just wanted time to come.





Fondue for quarter Tuesday Q

Peanut for quarter Thursday Q

Not sure, but Mufasa probably touted the attendance of the Ruck on Saturday at Webb Bridge Park prior to the #widowmaker.  Hopefully things keep growing there.

Prayer Requests

Peanut and his M are expecting and things are looking good for a successful pregnancy.


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