4 corners, 4 corners, 4 corners…

When: 04/17/17

QIC: Law Dog

PAX (): Babyface, Bloodhound, C4, Wham-O, Banjo, Crack, Misty, The Mole, Hombre, Westside, Law Dog

and 4 corners. It was glorious morning today and as usual YHC had a general game plan but was waiting for inspiration to strike. 5:29 and there was an even 10, so I was quickly trying to devise some partner workouts when none other than King Crack showed up for 11 pax so foorget partner exercises. 5:30 sharp and the Pax was off for a quick circle around Crack’s car to pick him up on the way to the soccer field.

Started off with SSH, Squats and cotton pickers. I am calling that the pre-warmup.  The real warmup was Jumping Jack Burpee Flash.  Line up on the side line for 10 SSH, run the other sideline for 10 burpees and back to the start to plank while waiting for the six. Repeat for a total of 3 rounds.

While running the three JJBF rounds, YHC noticed how many 4 corners are on a soccer field and that was all that was needed for an inspired 4 corner beatdown.

First square was the entire field.  10 merkins, Karaoke to next corner, 20 lunges, run to 3rd corner for 30 American Hammers, karaoke to the 4th corner for 40 squats.

Second square was half the field same exercises.

3 square was the PK box. Same exercises with karaoke to the 2nd and 4th corners and bear craws to the 3rd corner and after an excellent idea form Babyface, backwards bear crawl to the start.

4th square was the goal kick box.  Same exercises with bear crawls and crab walks in between the corners.

The Pax finished strong so what else but to start small and work our way back out. Same routine with the following exercises. 10 ranger merkins, 20 crab cakes, 30 Carolina dry docks, 40 LBCs.

The Pax made it from the goal kick box to the penalty box and half field before it was time to go back to the flag for some Mandary. Flutters, Dolly, Freddie Mercury, and LBCs.



Prayers for Law Dog’s church friend, C4’s friend and Wham-0’s M’s work situation.


The Kodiak is growing strong with good numbers. Continue to put some sadclowns in an EH to get them stronger.


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