The magnificent 7 Ruck again

When: 4/15/17

QIC: Mufasa

PAX (): DefConII, Devito, Dosido, Gingivitis, I-Beam, Sneakers

7 posted at 0600 for an hour Ruck  at The Widow-Maker on an Easter Weekend Saturday for a pre Devito beatdown. We know Devito’s beatdowns suck, so we need to be strong for this event. We’re glad we showed up.

DCII and Dosido showed their colors this morning, carrying on great conversation while maintaining a steady pace. Good to have Gingivitis with us again – he’s no stranger to the Alpha region, and welcome back anytime, representing Clemson well! Sneakers is a regular now, representing the Hooch well. I-Beam solid – which is what we’ve come to expect from him being a regular at Rubicon lately.

Sunday’s a comin’ – we look forward to tomorrow and can’t wait to Ruck again next week!

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