Back from the Beach for the Beatdown

When: 04/10/17

QIC: Law Dog

PAX (): Banjo, Babyface, Bloodhound, Cricket, Misty, C4, Westside, Law Dog, and Wham-O

After spending most of the spring break week at the beach fishing, crabbing, riding bikes, and sitting in the sun, YHC realized that it was time to get back to work. Alarm went off, coffee was made and out the door. I was thinking that I was doing really good this morning only to find that I was once again the last to roll up. 7 PAX including 1 FNG were already standing in the gloom and ready to work at the newly christened “Kodiak.”  Mufasa would be so proud of this group of men.

After the short disclaimer, the Pax was off.

Started off with 15 SSH and 15 Hillbillies. Apparently this was a new one for some of the pax for there were confused looks as to what a hillbilly was until YHC demonstrated the perfect Hillbilly.

Short mosey to a curbed island in the parking lot for some Rocky Balboas and merkins. Rocky Balboas IC for 10 followed by 10 merkins. 9 Rocky Balboas to 9 merkins working our way down to 1 and 1.

Now that the arms and legs are warmed up, mosey to the track for what I am calling the worst mile ever. Start with 5 reps of the worst merkin ever, run 100 meters, 5 reps of the worst lunge ever (right leg lunge forward, to the side, back, left leg lunge to the back, side and forward), run 100 meters, 5 worst merkins ever, run 100 meters, 5 worst lunge ever, run 100 meters. Continue at this pace until 4 laps are completed for the worst mile ever. Totals to 120 merkins and 240 lunges.

While running YHC noticed the beautiful full moon radiating in the night sky. With so much moonlight, the stadium bleachers were glowing and I could hear them saying in faint whisper “over here Law Dog, over here.” When inspiration strikes, it is the duty of the Q to lead the Pax to the promised land. So what else than partner up for Dora 123 with one partner at the bottom of with 100 merkins, 200 LBCs, and 300 Squats with the other partner running up the stairs and back for the switch.

The Pax finished just in time for 3 minutes of mary. Started with flutters switching from fast to slow mid count, on to reverse LBCs and finished with American Hammers.


Welcome Wham-O


The Kodiak is now the official name of F3 North Atlanta’s newest AO. With the strength of this Pax many more AOs are sure to come soon. Keep your eye out for sadclowns to EH and F3 will create HIMs throughout the community.

Excellent work form FNG Wham-O. No doubt He will be leading the pax soon and I am sure his VQ will include wham-o lunge walks. Look it up at its an officially sanctioned f3 disc game.

Several 2nd F events coming up including Top Golf in Alpharetta this Thursday.


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