Rock Warriors

When: 04/08/17

QIC: Devito

PAX (): Mufasa, DefCon2, Sneakers, Dosido, El Matador, Crack, Easy-go, Ralphie, Gizmo, Cookie, Ha-ha, Moonshine, Boomer

14 strong PAX posted for a beautiful cool morning to close out Spring Break. The sunrise greeted us as we arrived and huddled up.

The Warmup:

Mosey out to the entrance circle. In cadence:

15x SSH
15x Hill Billy
10x Cotton Picker
10x Merkin
10x Copperhead Squat

The Thang:

Mosey to the rock pile by the soccer field and pick a medium sized coupon. Take coupons out to the field and line up along the goal line for Rock Warrior Suicides OYO. 5-1 ratio between burpees and goal line exercises. Round 1 – Suicides to near penalty box line, midfield, far penalty box line and far goal line with 5 burpees at each field line. For each return to the starting goal line, 25 reps of skull crushers, full curls, weighted squats and merkins, one exercise per return. Round 2 – 4 burpees for each field line and 20 reps for each goal line exercise. Continue to Round 5 with 1 burpees at each field line and 5 reps for each goal line exercise. Boomer, Mufasa, and El Matador were the accelerating PAX for this workout finishing all rounds at impressive speed. Upon completion, PAX circled up to the side for Alphabet Mary to wait for the Six.

Partner up along the goal line. PAX 1 does rock weighted lunges to the near penalty box line and back while PAX 2 does flutterkicks with rock above the chest. Flapjack. Complete 4 rounds. Plank for the Six.

Return rocks to the pile and mosey up the stairs to the bathrooms. Short OYO trail run around the top trail, across the bridge and down to the parking lot trail entrance. Circle up at the flag for Mary. 20 reps each:
Side plank raises (Crack)
Freddy Mercury (Cookie)
Merkins (Ralphie)
Plankjacks (El Matador)
Dying Cockroach (Mufasa)


– Prayers for a pending job elimination and for the family of the F3er who passed away
– Gizmo shared Romans 5-8 as a devotional to help focus our lives to live as Godly men
– Boomer shared about a friend with cancer. Past attempts to get him out to F3. Chemo has made it hard to keep up with outdoor maintenance. Family needs help with removing a broken down swing set and some other yard maintenance. Boomer planning a crew of guys for next Saturday after Widowmaker. DM Boomer if you are interested in helping.
– GrowRuck F3 event coming up in November. This is the initial driver behind the Saturday morning AlphaRuck. Great event combining a difficult challenge with discussions on leadership and growth. More info to come on this.

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