An Optimistic Morning

When: 4/8/15

QIC: Babyface

PAX (): Bloodhound, Westside, Misty, & C-4

As YHC pulled into the parking lot this morning there was a fair amount of optimism as there were already many new, unfamiliar cars already parked in what is usually a wide open empty lot.  Unfortunately, the optimism was short lived, for as I approached it was clear that these cars had been there awhile.  Though disappointing, it was a nice vision of what will come.  YHC has to remind himself many times when he sees the numbers at some beatdowns that we are young, but what we have built will only grow.  The morning was cold but as the light broke the light broke the horizon and the hot air balloon filled the skyline, sweat began to drip and thoughts of cold left the minds of the men Cherokee.

Warm up

Mosyed to the small patch of grass for a 4 corners warm up. We ran to corner 1, do 15 ssh. Left karaoke to corner 2 20 lunges (10 each leg), backwards run to corner 3, 25 ssh. Right karaoke back to the start for 30 squats.  It was at this time that Westside joined the party.  Clearly a disciple of Crack, because he wanted no part of a warm up today, he just wanted the fun.  So now with our numbers up to 5 we moseyed on.

The Thang

Moseyed to the pull up bars at the back of the track. Time for a modified deck of death. Perform 5 of the given exercises: hearts = push ups, diamond = pull ups, clubs = squats, clovers = lbc ( this was the only exercise we did card face value for the reps). For the other 3 exercises the card value was the amount of time we paused at the bottom.  Every 10 exercises we ran a lap around the track.

Once this fun was finished we had just enough time to mosey back to the flag for a few rounds of Mary:

12 Dying Cockroaches

10 American Hammers

10 Reverse LBC


Prayers for those affected by this past week’s storms.


  • Thursday April 13th top golf 2ndf,7-9pm M’s yes 2.0 no
  • Sunday may 7th 2 anniversary get together at Will’s park 3pm M’s & 2.0 welcome/encouraged
  • Saturday, May 13th Birmingham launch
  • Half marathon for any interested at Fowler park on memorial day
  • Also On Memorial day, Bloodhound and family will be heading up to North Carolina for the Spartan Kids, Jimmy Johnson Fit Fest.  A day of outdoor fun for kids and families.  Contact him if interested in going along.
  • Following the Beatdown today we did a 3rdF clean up of the schools (both the high school and the front of the middle school across the street.)  All 5 stuck around to help (C-4 had to scoot just before we were able to get the picture).

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