A beautiful day for a beatdown

When: 4/3/17

QIC: Babyface

PAX (): Banjo, Westside, Do-si-do, C-4, Bloodhound, Hombre, Cricket, Misty

Unfortunately Lawdog could not be at our little shindig this morning and asked for a someone to guest Q for the day, also unfortunately that stuck the group with another babyface beatdown.  We were also lucky enough to have a guest from the Rubicon, Do-si-do, to keep the Q in check.  So here is what went down.

Warm up

We moseyed to the small field by the tennis courts for a couple of IC exercises:

  • 15 SSH
  • 12 Copperhead Squats

Then we moseyed down the stairs to begin our day.

The Thang

Dora 100 merkins/200 lbc/ 300 squats. One partner begins work out or will bear crawl up the hill then run back down.

Moseyed to concession stand for a round of balls to the walls.

Next we mosyed to the practice field behind the stadium and partnered up at one side of the field. OYO one partner will broken wheelbarrow to the middle of the field and switch partners and continue to the end of the field. Both men will do 20 Makhtar N’Diayes.  Then broken wheelbarrow back to the start with the opposite leg, again switching at mid field.  When u return to the start both men will do 40 imperial swakers.  We paused for the 6 in plank.  Next partner carry, one carries the distance then do 60 lunges (30 each leg). Switch and other partner will carry the distance back to the start.  Then both men preform 80 Squats, again plank for 6. Finally crab walk the distance then we performed 100 lbc. Mosey back to the original side, Plank again for 6.

Mosyed back to the flag, no time for Mary.



  • Pax is getting strong, but its great to have a guest to come and keep us in check, thanks again to Do-si-do.
  • We will be doing a 3rd F clean up in the near future at the AO to clean up the area as discussed last time, date/time to come by the end of the week.
  • Bloodhound seems to have secured us a great new Saturday coffeteria spot, goodwork.
  • FYI/PSA – When doing step ups, make sure you alternate which leg you are leading your step ups with.  We had a few PAX (YHC included) with ONE sore calf today, and Lucky for us Banjo was smart enough to decipher the problem.  So yeah most of you probably knew that but, just a heads up

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