Geddy the heart ready

When: 3/29/17

QIC: C-4

PAX (): Babyface, Bloodhound, Banjo, Cricket, The Mole, Law Dog

As YHC was pondering the mix for his inaugural Q, a rush of adrenaline brought to mind the need for some hearty cardio.  Consequently, while the heart rates went way up, here’s what went down:

 Warm up: mosey with a geddy-up to near corner of parking lot . . .

 In cadence SSH (15).  Right kereoke to next corner.  In cadence Cotton Pickers (10), copperhead squats (15).  Left kereoke to school-side corner, with a quick peak at YHC cheat sheet bringing a rise from Babyface and Law Dog.  Windmill (10).  Mosey to final corner, Imperial Walkers (10).

The Thang: 

 Return to first corner.  Inspired by a recent 30 for 30 on the XFL, (S)He Hate Me up next (10 full lunges [20], 10 Burps, 10 Merkins; OYO), hustle cross the street and repeat.  Then a full rinse and repeat in reverse, 4 total sets, making our way ultimately back across to the Middle School parking lot, all to Geddy Ready for . . .

. . . the Red Barchetta (100 yard dash, 100 SSH, return to start, plank it up; 50 yard dash, 75 mountain climbers, return to start, plank; 50 yard dash, 50 LBCs, return to start, plank; 50 yard dash, 25 merkins, return to start, plank it up).  Banjo leading the charge; YHC following; we vertically challenged taking advantage of our reduced limbs.  Heart rate now rising; no, risen.

Recovery mosey back to the football stadium, YHC notices The Mole cruising out front with a pep to his step.  If the Dude abides, the Mole he a-glides, further evidence to follow.

Hit the track for a modified Burpee Mile.  4 laps, 10 Burpees to start, 10 mountain climber merkins opposite midway corner, descending count each lap and concluding with 6 Burpees.  The Mole crushes it, long strides along that track, an inkling of that old running days form subsequent to a month with the Grizzly PAX; Banjo not far behind.

Recovery 10 count needed.  Cardio indeed up.  Next and final Geddy-up, railroad track mary (sprint, plank, hurdles, etc.) , across the parking lot once, then back.  Clock counting down, back to the flag at 45 sharp.


Prayers for Babyface’s father, as he recovers from knee replacement surgery; thoughts and prayers for Banjo’s extended family following a vehicle crash; prayers for the Mole’s friend and mentee, his personal challenges, and that he joins the group this Saturday.


YHC humbled as ever by this strengthening PAX.   A cardio Wednesday, while we know our hearts always remain restless until they rest in Thee.

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