Something old, something new…

When: 3/29/17

QIC: Moses

PAX (): Scout (WD), Manhole, Fizz, Hand Basket (WB)

4 (and then 5) pax heard the call for the “Free Beer” bait-n-switch and saw the weather parted by Moses at 0530 on a Tuesday morning at Dunwoody HS, only to see the rain start again at 0615.

Thang, as best I can recall it (none of this is to be taken literally anyway…just sayin’):
Mosey to front of HS for: SSH x25, Windmills x10, Merkins x10, Imperial Walkers x15
Mosey through the mud slide at back of school, down the stairs to the track
5 wide grip pull-ups
Partner push, 50 yards. Flap-jack.
5 wide grip pull-ups.
Partner pull, 50 yards. Flap-jack.
5 narrow grip pull-ups.
Partner push, 50 yards. Flap-jack.
5 chin-ups.
Partner pull, 50 yards. Flap-jack.
Some planking variations were mixed in, including right and left hands high, the Tony Hawk, pitchers core, and crucifix merkins.

1 lap around the track at fellowship pace.
Line-up on the long jump track for sprints…50% to 50 yard line and 100% to the other end zone.
Grass-hopper merkins x10
Repeato sprints back to the other end zone.
Ferkins merkins x10 (finger tip merkins)

Take you time retrieving the wardrobe, Fizz…while we mosey to the stairs.
Reverse plank walk up the stairs…feet first…CROWD PLEASER!
Calf raises on the stairs, toes out x15
Perpetual step-up left leg x10

Scout “the astronomer” introduced himself at this point

Calf raises, toes in x15
Perpetual step-up right leg x10

Mosey to the HS side entrance portico.
Werkins x10, Low flutter x15, Werkins x10, High flutter x15
We were tired, so we sat down at this point…People’s Chair with some toe touches mixed in (lift right foot to left hand and then left foot to right hand)

Return to the cars for some “how to count” lessons during Mary. T-claps, Hand Basket, who led us with some merkins, in cadence.

1) Thanks for the opportunity to lead, Man-Hole…and well done on the reverse plank walk up the stairs! Strong showing today.
2) Fizz tells me there were 8 or 9 exercises he had never done before today. It looked like it was easy enough for this group. Hopefully they are all captured above.
3) I’m looking forward to HandBasket leading some warm-ups or Mary next Tuesday…dipping his toe into the deep end!
4) Fizz & Scout took YHC up on the offer for free beer at the MoonDog Growler. Thanks for the company. Fly by post-evening run from Leon…good to see you brother, and welcome home. And, Gustavo joined us for a drink, thinking that qualified as his first post. I don’t think so…
5) I expect to be back next week and look forward to another couple workouts with yoos guys.

Pax tibi, Moses

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