When the Pax is Strong…

When: 03/27/17

QIC: Law Dog

PAX (): The Mole, Cricket, Banjo, Baby Face, Bloodhound, C4, Hombre, Law Dog

…the Q has to improvise. With today being the one month mark since the launch of the new AO,  YHC took the reigns to lead the new AO with some Rubicon classics.  At 5:29:30 Baby Face was anxious to get going as his watch was showing 5:30 sharp and since it was a few years ahead in terms of technological advances compared to YHC’s Timex (not a putdown as the ironman has served many years of proven durability), I deferred to Baby Face’s time and the Pax took off.

Warm ups – SSH – 15, IW – 15, and Cotton Pickers.

The Thang,

Line up along the back road for a merkin mile. At every light pole 10 merkins rotating between wide, regular and diamond. A total of about 110 merkins when all said and done. The Pax flew through this with relative ease and YHC quickly realized, I was going to have add some work in between what was originally planned.

Next up 11s at the hill by the back parking lot. When we arrive I noticed that there was a small half and a big half to the hill., of course, the Pax when straight to the big half.  At the top star jumps. At the bottom plank jacks. The Mole tore up the hill.

In the back parking lot, 4 corners with 10 of each exercise. Merkins, pretzel crunch, lunges, pretzel crunches. Ran between exercises always facing east. 2 rounds.

After 4 corners we lunge walked out of the parking lot stopping every 4th lunge to do 4 shoulder taps. Cricket blasted through this with massive lunges.

Mosey back towards the stadium at which time YHC asked Banjo “Creekview is home to what?” Banjo enthusiastically replied “Grizzlies.” So what better place to begin a bear crawl burpee up the slight incline towards the front of the stadium. The bear crawl burpee begins with a burpee where you start to bear crawl after the pushup until the Q yells Grizzly at which time you preform the jumping squat back to the push up and bear crawl. Not sure how many times the YHC yelled Grizzly as I found it difficult to count while bear crawling.

Next up suicide mary. The parking spots were number 1 through 15 at the first row. Run to the end of the parking lot and preform 15 LBCs. Run back to the start and then to the 14 for 14 American hammers and run back to the start. Rotoate between LBCs and American hammers until you work your way back to 1.

Next up, mosey around the large parking lot with stops for squats, merkins, flutters, LBCs, and squats until back to the flag.

If you can guess the improv work, prizes will be given out at the next beat down.


Continued Prayers for Crickets mother, Baby Face’s father, and Bloodhound’s mother-in-law.

It is great to continue to see solid posts by this Pax after 1 month in operation. Lets EH some sadclowns and continue to grow and spread F3 to the rest of Cherokee County.

See you in the gloom.

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